Congress Recently Mandated All New Vehicles Starting with the 2014 Model Year Must Have Backup Cameras Reports BackUp Better, llc.

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70-90+ million SUV's, station wagons, and minivans have a 15-40 foot "blind spot" right behind their vehicles.

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Back Over Accidents occur 50 times every week. A Mom or relative "backs over" her own child in her own driveway, often fatally. Why does this happen?

Back over accidents occur 50 times every week. A mom or relative "backs over" her own child in her own driveway, often fatally. Why does this happen? Because anybody that drives one of the 70-90+ million SUV's, minivans, or station wagons sold in the last 15-20 years and on the road now, have a large "blind spot" right behind their vehicle.

The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) has determined with these types of vehicles, the driver cannot see the first 15-40+ feet right behind their vehicle which the NHTSA calls "the blind zone" or what most people refer to as their "blind spot". Congress has now mandated that all new vehicles starting with the 2014 model year must have backup cameras, which is a great idea. However the real problem is all those 70-90 million vehicles already on the road, which have large blind spots and which are causing all these "Back Over" accidents - 50 times every week. Imagine backing over a young child, killing the child, and having to live with that for the rest of your life. Horrific.

Recently, several companies have started to come out with new add-on vehicle safety products which address this rearward vision problem There are back window lenses that show what is in the "blind spot" and add-on blind spot mirrors that also help you see rearward and along the side of any vehicle better. These new add-on vehicle safety devices can almost double a driver's rearward vision and dramatically reduce and almost eliminate the chances of having one of these horrific "back over" accidents.

These new products, unlike trying to retrofit a backup camera system into a used car, (which can cost anywhere from $350-$500), are inexpensive, a fraction of the cost of a backup camera, easy to install and use, and most of all, they work very effectively. With these new products everybody still sees everything they always did when looking backwards,and they also see what is right behind their vehicle in their "blind spot", because of these back window lenses and add-on mirrors. With the backup camera, all that is seen is what the camera sees because the camera screen is on the car's dashboard. That causes the driver to look forward to see backward and all the driver sees is what the camera sees, not the rest of the driver's normal field of vision which is much larger than what is seen by just the camera. Now drivers will be able to see a lot more with these add-on back window lenses and blind spot mirrors. Anybody who drives one of the 70-90+ million SUV's, station wagons and minivans that were sold over the last 15-20 years, has serious blind spot and rear vision problems, something the NHTSA has documented. Fortunately there are now inexpensive and very effective solutions to fix these problems. These add-on driver's visual aids are now available at -, a new company that specializes in vehicle safety products. There are viable alternatives to vehicle backup cameras for vehicles that are already on the road.

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