Personal Money Network Launches Social Media Campaign to Expand Audience and Increase Client Base

Personal Money Network has launched a comprehensive Social Media campaign in order to expand their audience, increase their client base, and begin a genuine consumer engagement process with major social networks, to include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr and many more. In so doing, Personal Money Network expects to dramatically increase daily pageviews, by targeting a specific audience in social media venues who are searching socially for financial knowledge and options. It is expected that the big push into Social Media will dramatically increase the client base of Personal Money Network.

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Personal Money Network Financial Assistance

Better Financial Management Through Personal Money Network

"Our new Social Media on-demand financial training services and mobile financial applications allows for assistance and training in real time," said Personal Money Network's Chief Marketing Officer, Andrew Metcalf.

(PRWEB) October 16, 2012

Personal Money Network, long a mainstay of financial and economic blogs, is launching a major expansion of premium financial content into Social Media as part of a long-term strategy to broaden their reader base and increase consumer and client awareness of the types of financial issues that can affect everyone in our still perilous economy. As part of this target market expansion outreach, a major push is being made into YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr and many other Web 2.0 Social Networking & Media sites.

As part of their push into Social Media, Personal Money Network is also expanding into the mobile marketplace: through tablets or smartphone devices, be it iPad, iPhone or Android, potential readers and clients can now connect to mobile financial apps. The expanded reader base can obtain quick financial advice - with no cash out of pocket for the free training and education.

In today’s economy, managing one's finances online is often an underutilized means to financial stability when people find themselves facing monetary hardship. Not being able to provide when finances are tight and time is of the essence is an unfortunate experience for many Americans. Personal Money Network understands the pressure such situations can cause – and by broadening the reach of their financial education and personal financial planning applications through online social media outlets and mobile financial applications the company anticipates drastically expanding their client base. By creating a new exposure in popular online social media channels, the company will deepen the reach of the financial advice, tools, and products it can provide for those dealing with the financial issues of the day on a personal level.

"Our new Social Media on-demand financial training services and mobile financial applications allows for assistance and training in real time," said Personal Money Network's Chief Marketing Officer, Andrew Metcalf. "This ensures that you can obtain the tools you need to work through any financial situation."

When people need financial advice, Personal Money Network will now help consumers whose primary research is done on Social Networks to avert immediate problems, as well as the know-how to help preserve credit ratings if delinquency is becoming a serious risk.

Dealing with personal finances in an era of declining real incomes is a challenge. Personal Money Network respects the privacy of everyone when it comes to sensitive financial matters like these, which is why private information is kept secure. All clients in the lending network use technologically secure websites, so customer’s data is always safeguarded by 256 bit encryption. There are no upfront fees, and Personal Money Network can help ease financial burdens by getting lenders to agree to spread out payments over time.

Personal Money Network expects the launch of their Social Media campaign to help more consumers to become aware of the fact that when they are facing financial issues, they don’t have to do so alone. Visit for more information today.


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