Revolution Marine Finance Cites National Marine Safety Committee Report, Offers Stats and Tips on Boating Safety

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Boat finance firm implores Australian boaters to heed report, and practice marine safety at all times.

Revolution Marine Finance

If there’s one thing from this survey that should have scared everyone who doesn’t wear a PFD into wearing one, it was the numbers concerning boating deaths.

In a recent post on their website, Revolution Marine Finance noted the second anniversary of the ground-breaking report by the National Marine Safety Committee (NMSC) on boat use and incidents.

At the time of the report, NMSC CEO Margie O’Tarpey referred to the necessity of the study: “With almost 1 million recreational craft being used throughout Australia, and 12,816 boating incidents in the last nine years, it is vital that we develop informed policy and educational programs to ensure that the potential for boating accidents is minimised.”

The original study analysed data from 32,100 trips covering 300,000 hours from the trip diaries of 2,035 volunteers who participated in the study. The study showed some basic numbers on usage patterns. According to the survey, one tenth of boaters use their boats about 100 days in a year, while three out of five use their boats between 12 and 36 times in the same period.

By far, the most popular time for boating is the weekend, with 25% of all trips on Saturday and 22% happening on Sunday. 59% of boaters access the water via boat ramps, while 23% use a private jetty or a marina. The most popular time for boating is 6am to 10am, followed by 10am to 2pm, with 47% and 26% of trips respectively.

43% of all trips were for 3 to 5 hours, while 16% lasted less than 2 hours. Open waters accounted for 35% of the trips, while bays, inlets, estuaries, and sheltered waters accounted for 43% of all boating trips. The most popular reason for boating trips was fishing, at 54%, while cruising came in at 24% of the stated reasons for boating.

Approximately 1% of boating trips ended in incidents, for a total of 343 incidents during the months of collecting data. 61% of those incidents occurred within 2 hours of the beginning of the trips. “Under-reporting” was cited as a problem; only 14% of incidents that should have been reported actually were reported. 8% of reported incidents included a minor injury. Out of those who reported, there were no fatalities.

O’Tarpey referred to industry statistics that drowning is the cause of death in 80% of boating incidents. She found this particularly significant because, although 98% of those surveyed say they carry personal floatation devices (PFDs), only 16% said they routinely wear them.

Ben Crombie, owner of Revolution Marine Finance, is appalled at the numbers concerning PFDs: “If there’s one thing from this survey that should have scared everyone who doesn’t wear a PFD into wearing one, it was the numbers concerning boating deaths.The numbers don’t lie; nearly 4 out of 5 boating deaths could be avoided, simply by wearing a PFD.”

Crombie continued, “How obvious does the information or the connection between boating deaths and not wearing PFDs have to be before people wake up? It makes me wonder sometimes if anyone was even listening. Whenever I go out on a boat, I see far too many boaters who aren’t wearing their PFDs. It doesn’t matter how great a swimmer someone is in a boat collision. We want to see you make it back alive every time. Please increase your chances by wearing your PFD at all times.”

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