Can Grocery Chains Promote a Clean Label Affordably? All Natural Freshness, LLC has Introduced an End to End Solution for High Pressure Pasteurization That Takes out the Chemical Preservatives and Enhances Fresh Foods “Naturally”

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The pasteurization landscape is about to make a cosmic shift when it comes to providing consumers with fresh processed foods that are preservative free. This shift has already begun to gather some momentum in many regional and national retail food chains.

Consumers will be seeing more preservative free fresh products in their groceries thank to High Presssure Processing!

Walk into a grocery store anywhere in the United States or abroad and find shoppers investigating the label to see what shouldn’t be there. They typically go to the last few lines and find ingredients like citric acid, monosodium glutamate (MSG), sulfites, and sodium benzoate to name a few. According to an article written for the FDA, “it’s almost impossible to eat food without preservatives added by manufacturers,” unless you eat exclusively fresh food that you cook yourself.(1) Well, the pasteurization landscape is about to make a cosmic shift when it comes to providing consumers with fresh processed foods that are preservative free. This shift has already begun to gather some momentum in many regional and national retail food chains that are looking for a competitive advantage in their private label product lines.

Believe it or not, there are recorded experiments of using high pressure to inactivate microorganisms as far back as 1884. Today, High Pressure Pasteurisation or High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP) is the vehicle that is driving a global initiative toward Clean Label. HPP uses very high pressures and cold water to kill bacteria in fresh foods, thus eliminating the need for adding preservatives that don’t “naturally” belong in the fresh foods. By inactivating the bacteria, you are able to extend the shelf life, increase the safety of the food product AND clean the label of unwanted additives. “All Natural Freshness has launched its Patented Solution and “out of box thinking” on how to effectively utilize HPP technology, to deliver the consumer a preservative free fresh product. to the cost of producing all natural, fresh, healthy foods”,” states Gerald Ludwick, CEO of All Natural Freshness. Eric Lockovitch, Director Food Packaging Sales, at Midland Food Packaging comments, “HPP is the emerging technology in food processing that has created a viable non-heat based pastueurizaton process for natural fresh foods. Companies across the globe are embracing HPP as a vehicle to a clean label and that demand, by these major players, will ultimately drive emerging technologies to find solutions to bring down the costs to the end consumer.”

According to Gerald Ludwick, All Natural Freshness has laid the groundwork in terms of partnering with the leading manufacturers of the High Hydrostatic Pressure machines and establishing a network of Sales, Installation and Service of food manufacturing equipment across the entire Midwest and Pacific Northwest of the United States. Midland Food Packaging became an Agent for All Natural Freshness in June of 2012 thus bringing the infrastructure for immediate impact across North America. Marty Toman, General Manager – Midland Paper Products states, “this high pressure food preservation technology and our partnership with All Natural Freshness is a game changer for customers and we are very excited to be on the forefront in bring them an end to end solution”.

So the answer is; yes, your grocery chain can bring consumers a much cleaner label to their deli, meats, seafood, dairy, produce, and juices affordably.

Midland Food Packaging:
By choosing Midland as your food packaging supplier, you’ll gain a trusted source of product knowledge, customer service and on-time item delivery. Providing sourcing, consulting and innovation to the Fresh Cut Produce, Beverage, Food, Meat and Dairy, and Industrial market segments. Our global sourcing network will match the best supplier to your specific needs. Our experience with HPP will ensure your products are safer, eliminate preservatives, and reduce leakers and with a complete line of materials and equipment, our skilled food packaging specialists will work closely with your business to put together a complete menu of cost-effective food packaging technology solutions.

All Natural Freshness:
ANF has established relationships with the 2 largest High Pressure Processing manufacturers of HPP Systems in the world. Avure Technologies in North America and Chic Freshertech in Asia designing and manufacturing custom High Pressure Baskets for the Avure 350L, Avure 215L, Avure 687L, and Chic FreshTech 200L, 300L, 350L, 400L and the largest high pressure food processing machine the 500L. ANF has developed sales channels to service North America, Europe and Asia with some of the most respected and innovative companies in the food technology industry. And in turn ANF is partnering with a University in North America that has over 20 years for research and development experience with high pressure food preservation using high hydrostatic pressure.

ANF brings together multiple disciplines to produce material handling equipment for High Pressure Processing of Food. We utilize best in class steel, aluminum, and Polyethylene materials. Our products follow NSF/ANSI 2 Standard for Food Manufacturing Equipment where applicable. Our team of High Pressure Mold Makers, Molders, CNC Operators, Integrators, Fabricators, and High Pressure Process Users work from the ground up developing high pressure pasteurization equipment for real life applications. Our philosophy is to simply build the best food manufacturing equipment for the most affordable price regardless of any material bias while maintaining a set of universal standards for work place safety and food safety. Most of our equipment can be used across multiple food manufacturing platforms (Avure, Chic FresherTech, NC Hiperbaric) as ANF specializes in high pressure molding across all basket / tote sizes.

All Natural Freshness, Inc. (ANF) is your cradle to grave resource for implementing effective, efficient, profitable solutions to HPP.

If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Gerald Ludwick, please call him directly at 269-858-3062 or e-mail at Ludwickj(at)

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