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Science-Fiction is fact a day ahead of its time.

In a recent interview with author Auguste Dinoto, he candidly spoke about his new book, Dark Dawning, and some similarities in it to the news today. An explosion and fire in Chevron’s Richmond, California refinery near San Francisco burned up fuel and stopped production of gasoline in that facility in August. A few weeks later a power failure in Exxon’s refinery in Torrance, California caused a shutdown of that plant. The combined loss of fuel from both plants caused a loss of about 25% of the state’s production. This loss of fuel to distributors caused panic and set an all-time record overnight rise in gas prices. The state average of gas in California is 4.66 per gallon. That is a full 85 cents above the national average, and it continues to rise at about five cents a day. This sudden spike in price caused a panic with the wholesalers and the driving public. State energy officials are trying to sooth everyone’s nerves and reassure them that the price will come down soon.

What is not in the news is the fact that there have been business closures and layoffs. Many of the small independent stations were forced to close down after their fuel stock ran out. They laid off their employees and shut the doors because they could not come up with the extra thousands of dollars it cost to refill their 40 to 60 thousand gallon tanks. Others independent owners with deep pockets say they will stay open and ride out the price hike, but they will continue to be charging the higher prices even after the price drops. It is the only way they have to make back the extra money they had to pay to buy gas at the present higher rate. Other stations in areas where there is little competion are now gauging the public by hiking their prices up to five dollars a gallon and more. In the midst of the frenzy, as everyone waits for a drop in prices, a fuel storage warehouse was broken into as thieves attempted to steal thousands of gallons of gasoline.

Auguste Dinoto smiled as he held up his science-fiction thriller, DARK DAWNING. In the book gasoline prices will go from four dollars a gallon to hundreds of dollars a gallon. This will cause the collapse of the automobile industry, job loss and martial law. Panic will fill the streets as thieves and looters steal gas. The Democratic and Republican parties will become no more than puppets under the rule of a powerful, oppressive political party called The Oil Appropriation Committee (OAC). War will erupt between the northern and southern states over oil rights.

Auguste Dinoto spent his formative years in New Orleans, La. After a tour of duty in the Marines he moved to Los Angeles where he attended Los Angeles City College. There he studied creative writing and theater arts. He wrote a screenplay called, Pretty Dangerous that was produced by Starlight Pictures. He then went on to write and produce three short films and now lives in Prosser, Washington.

For further comments go to and get a free copy of the $29.95 report called, The End of the Oil Age.

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