Raleigh DWI Lawyer The Chetson Firm Explains how to Expunge an Old DWI

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Recent North Carolina law changes potentially allow North Carolinians to expunge - or remove from their records - remnants of old DWI convictions. Raleigh DWI lawyer Damon Chetson describes how this law can help people remove old, embarrassing DWI convictions from their criminal records.

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If they show that they have good moral character, and have not been convicted of any subsequent criminal offenses, they may be entitled to a DWI expungement.

Raleigh DWI lawyer Damon Chetson described today potential relief for people who were convicted in the past of a DWI charge in North Carolina that has remained on their criminal record.

Until recently, a person convicted of an old North Carolina Driving While Impaired charge would have a permanent notation on their record. However, beginning in December 2012, those people may be eligible for an expungement of old DWI charges.

Under a new law, passed by the North Carolina General Assembly and signed into law by the Governor, some old criminal convictions are eligible for expungement, including old drunk driving convictions.

"This is relief that people have been waiting for for years," said Raleigh criminal lawyer Damon Chetson. "People have had to live with DWI convictions on their records for years. Now they may be entitled to relief."

The law provides that people convicted of non-violent misdemeanors (not including Class A1 misdemeanors) and non-violent felonies of Class H and I, can petition the court for an expungement.

"If they show that they have good moral character, and have not been convicted of any subsequent criminal offenses, they may be entitled to an expungement," said Raleigh DWI attorney Damon Chetson. "The expunction is not automatic, but is possible in many cases."

Mr. Chetson recommends that the person contact a lawyer in the county where the offense was charged and the conviction resulted. A lawyer in that county is likely able to help with such an expunction request.

Mr. Chetson adds that the expunction is probably not available to anyone who has previously been awarded an expunction.

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