Dedicated Server or Cloud Hosting Solution? Veber Talks About Making the Best Business Choice

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With the wrangle between Dedicated Server and Cloud Hosting changing the landscape of UK business hosting, how are businesses to choose which is right for them? As discussed in Computer Weekly's recent article, where are the confidence killers? UK ISP Veber shares expert opinion from the Veber Knowledge Base on what to consider when making a business hosting decision.

Veber is a UK company specialising in customised hosting Dedicated Server, Cloud & Colocation solutions

Head in the Clouds? Speak to an expert about Dedicated Server vs Cloud Hosting

That's our aim with our Veber Knowledge Base: providing all the information the customer needs.

The growing and on-going debate surrounding the advent of the IT Cloud means that a business' decision between choosing a Dedicated Server or a Cloud hosting solution continues to be a hot topic. UK ISP Veber has ten years’ experience in the hosting industry and is responding to the debate by ensuring that their customers are well versed in the advantages and disadvantages of the various options available to them. Tim Poultney, Veber’s CEO, tells us that “the question of what kind of hosting solution would be best for a customer is one which we find ourselves addressing more and more, not least due to the high level of coverage which this debate receives. Computer Weekly's September article, Top Ten Cloud Computing Confidence Killers, is a perfect example of the concerns we are hearing. We are aware of the need to spread the answers to such issues so that the term ‘cloud’ can leave its sometimes negative connotations behind.That's our aim with the Veber Knowledge Base: providing the information the customer needs.”            

The theme of whether a Dedicated Server or Cloud hosting solution is a business’ best choice is an interesting one not least because many of the technical elements that make up a cloud environment are actually in fact made up of dedicated servers. Veber’s Knowledge Base, set up to address just such issues as this, informs that a dedicated server is supplied and installed precisely to the customer's specification with all the power of that piece of equipment dedicated to that customer; with a cloud infrastructure the resources are shared out, but the benefits come with the scalability and features such as high availability (HA) and distributed resource management (Veber use VMWare DRS).

James Robinson is Veber’s Operations Manager. He supports the benefits of Cloud hosting by stating that “a Cloud hosting infrastructure has many, many benefits to business. Features such as high availability, scalability and snapshots mean that system administrators don’t even have to get up from their seats to upgrade systems. Compare this to a traditional dedicated server environment where any hardware changes require a visit to the data centre by an engineer.” Such an overview supports the fact that both Dedicated Server and Cloud Hosting environments have technical advantages and disadvantages.

James addresses another interesting question: “We get asked why anyone would use dedicated servers nowadays if the cloud is theoretically so much better on so many levels? Just like cloud hosting has its fortes, dedicated servers have theirs. They are what they say they are – dedicated – which means you get everything that the server can provide. If your dedicated server has 8 GB of RAM, you get it all. Dual 6 core Intel CPUs with hyper threading? You get that too, with no restrictions on usage like you may do with a cloud hosting solution.”

The team at Veber also point out that there are scenarios in which certain types of server are preferable. For example, a high performance database in a cloud environment is not ideal because cloud servers use shared storage which is often transmitted over a storage network. This is where the limitations of finite resources and speed come into play and where a Dedicated Server environment with high performance disks would come into its own. On the other hand, a scalable Cloud hosting solution will guarantee uptime for a web application with spikes and troughs of usage.

To conclude, when wanting to make the best business choice between a Dedicated Server and a Cloud Hosting scenario the bottom line is that it’s really down to the application. Researching information such as that available on Veber's Knowledge Base will provide the starting point of definitions, concerns, benefits and costs of different solutions but ultimately what really matters is achieving the customer's selected business objectives. Entering into a conversation with a hosting provider will reveal answers to concerns such as specification,security, credibility and data ownership. The label given to the potential hosting solution required is perhaps less important.

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