Romney Health Plan Is Three-Card Monte According to Author of Obamacare Book

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A new blog post at by the author of Obamacare – The Good, the Bad & the Missing compares the Romney health plan advanced by presidential candidate Mitt Romney to a three-card monte card trick. While the eBook on Obamacare finds fault with Obamacare for being too timid for the crisis posed by America’s broken healthcare system, the blog post suggests the Romney health plan leads America in the wrong direction altogether.

Table comparing Romney Health Plan and Obamacare Impacts on Medicare

Medicare in a Nutshell

It's pretty clear the objective of the Romney health plan is to preserve profits for medical suppliers by restoring Obamacare's 'cuts' - which are really savings - and making future Medicare beneficiaries pay for them.

With the first presidential debate between President Obama and his Republican challenger, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, behind us, a new blog post at takes the Romney health plan to task as little more than a three-card monte scheme perpetrated on an unsuspecting American public.

According to its author, John Lynch – a former healthcare consultant and entrepreneur – the Romney health plan described by the Republican nominee in last week’s debate deceives the American public on at least three key fronts. The first is his Medicare plan, which Governor Romney said would have no effect on current beneficiaries and those nearing the Medicare eligibility age of 65. By repealing Obamacare, however, the Romney health plan would retract several existing Medicare benefits from current beneficiaries, including closing the Part D prescription drug “doughnut hole”, free annual wellness visits and select free preventive health screenings.

In addition, by repealing the Medicare savings in provider and insurer payments under Obamacare, Medicare’s fiscal solvency is projected to end in 2016 rather than in 2024 under Obamacare – something sure to affect current beneficiaries. This precedes the projected date for implementing the Medicare vouchers proposed under the Romney health plan, casting doubt on the viability of the voucher plan altogether, according to Lynch’s post.

The “second card” in the three-card monte deck described in this post is pre-existing medical conditions that Governor Romney claimed his plan would also protect. An aide to the candidate quickly clarified, however, that this was not the case – revealing that the Romney health plan provides no more than existing law by way of protections for those with pre-existing conditions.

The third and final card in the deck is the Independent Payment Advisory Board, or IPAB, that Obamacare institutes to help control future medical spending and that Governor Romney disparaged as “A board that can tell people ultimately what treatments they're going to receive”. This misrepresents explicit constraints in the Obamacare legislation prohibiting this board from doing any such thing.

The post goes on to dismiss Romney’s complaint about the board being “unelected” with criticism of Congress’ failure to enforce annual payment cuts to doctors serving Medicare patients, noting that “This is precisely the reason the IPAB structure was chosen - to remove it from the self-serving hands of Congress”.

[The post closes by observing:

“If Romney and his Republican supporters were really interested in making the 'tough choices' they like to tout, they'd think the IPAB a dandy idea. Instead, they'd rather duck the issue by shifting costs to seniors as the vouchers in the Romney health plan will do. It's pretty clear the objective of the Romney health plan is to preserve profits for medical suppliers by restoring Obamacare's ‘cuts’ - which are really savings - and making future Medicare beneficiaries pay for them.”

The post refers readers to the eBook Obamacare – The Good, the Bad & the Missing for more detail and to the free chapters from the book available on the web site.

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