Washington Based Company Creates New Green Way to Commute

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New electric skateboards are changing the way that people carry out their daily commutes to work, school, and even the grocery store. Skateboards aren't just for a good time anymore. This small company is doing their part to reduce environmental impact and oil dependence every day.

Kef Tech LLC is a small business based in Camas, WA dedicated to designing energy efficient alternative transportation products. With the ever declining state of our environment, people across the nation are on a constant search for new green technology to preserve the planet. That is exactly what Ilan Sabar, owner and founder of Kef Tech LLC, has provided for us today. By using old technology and reinventing it, he has created an affordable way to travel green. Metroboard is the new environmentally friendly way to commute to work, school, and virtually anywhere.

Using bluetooth technology and the same rechargeable battery used in an electric car, this electric skateboard is far more than just a toy. With the new LiFePO4 battery technology, the Metroboard can reach speeds as high as nineteen miles per hour and travel as far as fifteen miles in distance before needing to be recharged. The Metroboard produces no emissions, having the equivalent electric energy to fuel efficiency of fifteen hundred miles to the gallon. At as small as eighteen pounds, it is compact and lightweight making it easy to carry when it is not in use. Compare this to the more than fifty pounds that most electric skateboards weigh. This compact size also makes it easy to store the board under a desk at school or work during the day.

This technology has taken the world by storm. People in several countries have begun to use the Metroboard as their main source of daily transportation. One blogger says, “commuting hasn’t been this fun since...ever!” It is commonly used as a bridge between home and the train or bus station, and from the station to the destination. Trending on college campuses across the globe, students often use this nineteen mile per hour electric skateboard to make it to class on time. In fact, the makers of the Metroboard even offer a one hundred dollar discount to all students to purchase their favorite model of the board. However, it is not only used and loved by people of college age. One user thanked Metroboard for “making a 44 year old feel 14 again.” It can be mastered and utilized by people of all ages.

The Metroboard is accepted by Google Wallet and has a full five star rating. Most of the users specifically stated that they would recommend the product to their friends. Kef Tech LLC does not rely on factories or machines to build the boards for them. Each individual board is hand made in the US, and inspected for quality by the designers of Metroboard. This significantly reduces the chances of defects and makes Metroboard users ever more satisfied.

At one sixth the weight of a normal battery, the battery used in the Metroboard provides some useful features not found in any other electric skateboard. The LiFePO4 battery allows the board to effortlessly move up and down hills without losing momentum. It also continues to produce the same amount of power throughout an entire charge, and does not weaken as the battery depletes. When the battery is allowed to drain completely, it takes only three hours to reach a full charge. This guarantees that it will be ready to go at the completion of any work shift, and more than ready for an adventure after a full night’s charge. The board also utilizes a high accuracy “fuel gauge” which warns the rider as the battery charge gets low.

The Metroboard features a unique wireless acceleration and braking system using a Wii nunchuck remote, which allows for smooth acceleration and braking. This technology works and feels much like the cruise control in a car. The speed can be increased or reduced in one mile per hour increments by moving the joystick up and down. The breaks work similarly on a separate set of buttons. This wireless remote is extremely reliable, especially when compared to the wireless remotes used by other electric skateboards. Using a 2.4 GHz bluetooth signal, the remote is built with with safety features preventing accidents caused by glitches. The Metroboard remote also features a horn which can be pushed to make passersby aware.

The wheels are made with a unique vibration absorbing design. This also contributes a great deal to the smoothness of the ride. As with all of the components of the board, the wheels are made in the USA from high quality materials. Until now, electric skateboards featured cheap wheels with poor vibration absorption. These quality wheels prevent having a rough ride to work.

Having nine levels of power, it can easily be adjusted based on the level of experience the rider has. Beginners can start at the lowest level to safely get the hang of balancing and steering before traveling for miles at higher speeds. This technology is unique to the Metroboard, no other electric skateboard to date offers a feature like this.

Although the Metroboard serves wonderfully for the practical purpose of travelling green, it is also enjoyed by users for recreational purposes. Metroboard is “dedicated to providing avid skateboard enthusiasts, environmentalists, and everyday consumers with the perfect ride: Ultra light, smooth, quiet, clean, green.” At a price exponentially less than other green transportation devices, the Metroboard is affordable, eco friendly, efficient, and fun! Watch for the off-road model, coming soon.

Kef Tech LLC was started in 2004 when Ilan Sabar left his job with Hewlett-Packard to pursue his dream of developing electric vehicles. They have been featured in movies, magazines, and several news stories during the past four years. The Metroboard can be purchased at http://www.metro-board.com. To contact the company call 360-335-3211. Metroboard can also be found on facebook.

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