PresentationTube network for producing and sharing video presentations has been launched

PresentationTube, a new online network for producing and sharing video presentations, has been launched early this week by a professor of educational technology. PresentationTube provides a video presentation recorder and video sharing network to help educators, and business professionals produce, upload and share effective video presentations.

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Muscat (PRWEB) October 10, 2012

A professor of educational technology, Dr. Alaa Sadik, at Sultan Qaboos University Sultanate of Oman has developed and launched a new and non-profit network for producing and sharing video presentations by local teachers and students. In a few weeks the network has attracted thousands of teachers, virtual presenters, e-learning instructors, business professionals and students from around the world and thousands of users have started to produce, share, or use video presentations in a new way. The network has two components – a desktop video recorder and a video sharing network. The recorder, which can be downloaded from the website for free, synchronizes a variety of visual aids, including presenter's audio and video, PowerPoint slides, a drawing board, a whiteboard and web browser to generate video presentations ready for uploading to PresentationTube network. The network allows presenters to publish their video presentations and involve the audience via scrollable slide thumbnails, comments and quizzes. Video presentations can be used in regular classrooms, flipped classrooms, home revisions, e-learning courses, blended learning environments, distance education settings, virtual conferences and business orientations. The PresentationTube Recorder uses a simple and straightforward technique to capture your own PowerPoint presentations from the comfort of your home or office and without the need to even have an Internet connection while recording. One of most endearing qualities of PresentationTube is its simplicity of use - it would be hard to screw up. And if you are a potential viewer you can easily search the submitted videos for content to use in lectures and see how diverse the selection is. It's easy to see how this one became pretty popular.


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A video presentation with scrollable slide thumbnails, A video presentation with scrollable slide thumbnails,

PresentationTube allows you to publish and share your video presentation and involve the audience via scrollable slide thumbnails, comments, and quizzes with unlimited video storage, unlimited video delivery, and no banners or ads.

PresentationTube Recorder PresentationTube Recorder

A free tool for recording video presentations with slides, text, drawing and web content