Cook’s Direct Debuts Essential Information for Induction Cooking in Restaurants

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Cook’s Direct, one of the nation’s leading suppliers of high quality cooking equipment, has today released essential information for anyone interested in induction cooking within a restaurant setting.

Cook’s Direct, an industry-leader in the cookware and cooking equipment industry, has today unveiled new information vital to anyone interested in starting with induction cooking within a restaurant setting.

Induction cooking is different from standard conductive cooking using electricity and more closely resembles cooking with gas, but without burning fossil fuels. It utilizes an electromagnetic field to transfer heat for cooking directly to the cookware through an induction range, bypassing the need for an electric element. As such, it offers faster cooking times and is much safer because there is no open flame.

Additional benefits offered by induction cooking include cost reduction due to higher energy efficiency and the extreme portability in part because it can be used in places where there open flame restrictions prohibit other types of burners (ideal for caterers) in comparison to gas ranges and other warming technologies.

However, unlike other forms of cooking, induction cooking requires that a specific type of cookware be used – all pots and pans utilized must be made from ferrous metals. Cookware made from stainless steel, cast iron and enamel-coated steel can work quite well, but aluminum and other types of materials cannot be used.

The choice of induction range is also important. Within a restaurant setting, there are three primary choices. These are countertop induction ranges, induction buffets (for buffet service only) and specialty induction ranges.

Countertop induction ranges have a small footprint and are typically designed for only a single piece of cookware at one time. They are engineered to take up as little space as possible in a fast-paced, hectic kitchen. Induction buffets, on the other hand, can hold several pieces of cookware, range in size from 60 inches to 96 inches in length and can contain multiple ranges.

Specialty induction ranges are usually designed for use with specific types of cookware. For instance, there are models manufactured specifically for woks, as well as those designed for cooking fajitas and even drop-in vessels. Some are also designed with multiple burners (up to six in a single unit) for use in high-capacity restaurant kitchens.

Cook’s Direct provides a wide range of induction ranges for restaurant and catering use, as well as the highest quality induction ready cookware for ideal cooking.

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About Cook’s Direct: Cook’s Direct has learned through firsthand experience what types of foodservice equipment stand up to the daily stress found in modern kitchens and has built a reputation on providing only the highest quality equipment and supplies. Superior customer care, expert product knowledge and a 100% satisfaction guarantee are the company’s hallmarks.

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