Advanced Realty Team Offers One-Stop Service to Homeowners Who Want to Sell Houses Fast and Save Money

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Dunedin, FL real estate brokerage firm make a slight move back to its roots by offering some traditonal real estate brokerage services and some new ones. Advanced Realty Team, which has done investment real estate services for two decades now offers MLS listings for a fee and will place an advert on line for home owners who want to sell a house fast for free. In addition the firm has a couple of books on how to sell houses fast in the day of the Internet

Advanced Realty Team, Inc. yesterday announced it will provide one-stop service for Tampa Bay homeowners who want to sell their house fast.

    The Dunedin, FL, real estate brokerage-investment firm had drifted from traditional brokerage to investment real estate years ago and had been buying homes fast from folks in Tampa Bay for two decades.

    Now Advanced will offer to advertise the homeowner’s home they want to sell for free on the internet and will list the home on the MLS service and for a fee starting at $295. In addition they are offering how to instructions.

    “It may not sound like you are offering much to put an advert on the Internet since placing the ad is already free,” said George Beardsley, President-Broker of Advanced, “but we do not find a lot of homeowners already doing that. Most of the ads we find on line are real estate brokers and investors.

    “Hard as it may be to believe there are lots of folks that do not have the technical inclination to place ads on the Internet and the real truth ist placing ads is more than clicking a mouse and uploading pictures,” Beardsley said.

    He explained there are thousands of other ads that compete with what the homeowner placed on the web and the object is to make the adverts stick out and result in a few readers acting to buy or rent the house you are offering.

    “We covered the process of writing compelling ads in “911forLandlords,” an eBook we wrote a couple of years ago,” Beardsley said. “And while the book was aimed at moving houses fast using a customized rent to own program, it does result in selling houses fast which is what most home owners are looking for.”

    “’911forLandlords’” is a $49 eBook and may seem expensive, but if that coupled with placing a few free ads gets a house sold for someone, the book then becomes pretty cheap,” Beardsley said. “Although we also have How to Sell Your House Fast to the We Buy Houses Guys without Being Eaten Alive which we have published on Kindle and is only $2.99,” he said.

    The $295 listing is for listing the house only and the total cost to sell a house using this service will be substantially higher, Beardsley said.

    “In order to sell your house listed in the MLS you must offer compensation to the real estate agent or broker who brings the buyer to your home, handles the details and arrives at the sale of your house.” He said. So in addition to the $295 the homeowner must also offer a commission to the real estate professional. We recommend three to five per cent to the person who provides a buyer. For a $100,000 sale that would be $3,000 to $5,000”

    Beardsley said that the “full” commission most listing agents would be looking for would be 6 to 8 per cent which they would then split with the person who brings in the buyer.

    “Using our program can get you visibility and a savings in the final cost of selling your home and will allow you the opportunity to pay more to the person that provides the buyer and a lot less to the person who gets your house listed. We get $295, not thousands of dollars and the homeowner must do it yourself for a lot of the details.

    “Of course we will still buy a house fast from folks that want to make the effort of selling a house fast really easy. And recently we have added a couple of new features in the buying houses department, with the addition of buying houses that are over financed or actually in or about to be in foreclosure,” he said.

    Advanced is a small Dunedin brokerage firm specializing in buying houses in a variety of creative ways. “Frequently we can pay more for houses that the homeowner expected because of the variety of ways we can buy a house.” Beardsley said.

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