The Center for Court Services & Counseling Announces a Free Monthly Family Planner for Newly Divorced Parents, along with Helpful Tips

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Parenting experiences after separation and divorce should not be characterized by trial and error and Learning From Your Mistakes. Resource sites like co-parenting-manager can help with divorce parenting issues.

Divorce parenting means adapting to changing family circumstances, that require the co- parenting skills necessary, to deal with the changes, that affect children. Newly divorced parents, find themselves in problematic situations that require various degrees of skill and knowledge. Internet search engines, like Google, offer divorced parents practical resource sites, that generate useful information.

One of the resource sites, The Center for Court Services and Counseling, through it's website, Co- Parenting-, provides Planner/Organizers for both parents and children and useful articles. The articles address the dramatic life changes both parents and children go through, as everyday routines, become clouded with uncertainty. A must read article, written by a divorced father and mother, suggests that the post divorce journey is a difficult process to get through, with continuing challenges, existing along the way.

Some of the challenges noted, deal with (1) children's limited emotional and intellectual skills in dealing with family changes, (2) the impact of routine changes during and after divorce, (3) unresolved emotional baggage from the marriage that invades the post divorce relationship, (4) financial changes that can cause uncertainty and hardship in day to day living experiences and (5) pre-occupation with past experiences of failure, that interfere with present and future development.

The article entitled Moving On, has received the most attention at the website. It focuses on parents readjusting their thinking to Day to Day Successes and building time management skills. The idea of Forward Thinking can be greatly enhanced by a Planning Organizer, that can help develop an "on going momentum" to plan, document and track future parent/ child activities. Each event can be the building blocks to a better today and tomorrow. The pursuit of and belief in a better tomorrow can make the powerful difference in a post divorce outcome. The Planner/Organizer can help develop the discipline and follow through needed, in the planning of future events with the children.

Additional articles at the site, address difficult communication issues between divorced parents. One of the articles suggests, Constructing a Written Format over a Verbal one. This simple approach offers parents an opportunity to think out what they are going to say and do, before they act, thus saving countless arguments.

Facilitating the building blocks to better divorce parenting is the Center's primary focus.    Parents who visit the website can order a Free One month Family Manager and/or Teenage Manager by leaving their name and address at the telephone number listed. As family members become comfortable with improved time management skills and the working benefit of the process, they will understand and realize that, The Time Was Worth the Effort.

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