New Test Results Say E. Coli is Common in Store-Bought Chicken

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New results from tests performed by Consumers Union suggest that antibiotic resistant E. coli is present in more than half of all store-bought chicken. Concerned families scramble to protect themselves from bacteria with alternative treatment methods like NutraSilver Plus.

NutraSilver and E. Coli

NutraSilver for E. coli protection

Tests regularly show that as much as two-thirds of grocery store chicken contains bacteria that are resistant to common antibiotics.

Test results submitted by Consumers Union have found that grocery store shelves are littered with contaminated chicken. Tests show that as much as two-thirds of grocery store chicken contains bacteria that are resistant to common antibiotics.

What does this means in terms of the effect on consumer health? E. coli is more common in our food supply than we have previously thought. One clear example is that of E. coli as it relates to urinary tract infections. "In 80 to 90 percent of routine urinary tract infections, E. coli is the most common cause," says Amy Manges, PhD, associate professor in the department of epidemiology, biostatistics and occupational health at McGill University in Montreal.

In 71 percent of cases, the E. coli bacteria collected from women with UTIs matched that of the E. coli found in supermarket chicken, while just 29 percent matched those found in beef and pork. Similarly, the E. coli bacteria collected from factory-farm slaughterhouse chickens matched UTI bacteria 79 percent of the time. The statistics are alarming as E. coli slips into our food supply with higher and higher concentrations and without regulation.

E. coli is a major cause of common infections like UTIs and those infections are not easy to cure because they are resistant to common antibiotics. About the curability of E. coli infections, The Mayo clinic says “For illness caused by E. coli O157:H7, no current treatments can cure the infection, relieve symptoms or prevent complications.” Such a statement is not comforting to those who wish to protect family and loved ones from the effects of E. coli bacteria. The bacteria is more common and harder to cure than ever.

Despite the inability of antibiotics to treat E. coli infection, a brand new approach has been found that suggests that high-potency colloidal silver, like NutraSilver, can kill this deadly bacterial infection. In FDA and ISO-certified independent lab tests conducted at MicroCheck Labs, NutraSilver killed 8.2 billion cells of eColi at the rate of 99.999% in 30 minutes. Dr. Sinclair, MicroCheck’s CEO, stated “The NutraSilver product at 3 drops in one liter of water is extremely effective against these bacterial pathogens killing 99.999% of the organisms after only 30 minutes of contact time.”

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