Thermobalancing Therapy Helps To Recover From Chronic Prostatitis, While Commonly Used Antibiotics Are More Dangerous Than Has Been Thought, State Fine Treatment

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Before the invention of Dr Allen’s Device and the natural Thermobalancing therapy it enables, the recovery from chronic prostatitis was extremely difficult and the most common treatment option with a long-term antibiotics intake wasn’t particularly helpful; moreover, recent news in The New York Times says the antibiotics intake can produce debilitating side effects and patients are filing lawsuits, highlights Fine Treatment.

Dr Allen's device for prostate care

Chronis prostatitis essential treatment has a proven efficacy and is side effects free

Dr. Allen’s therapeutic device improves blood circulation locally inside the prostate that cleanses the prostate gland from inflammation reducing the swelling and symptoms of chronic prostatitis.

Patients with chronic prostatitis have now got a unique Thermobalancing therapy, which becomes increasingly popular as it has proved its efficacy, while the previously most common treatment with antibiotics raises serious concerns: the article on “Popular Antibiotics May Carry Serious Side Effects” in The New York Times of 10 September 2012 says, “by last year the use of antibiotics was also the subject of more than 2,000 lawsuits from patients who had suffered severe reactions after taking it”.

The unique prostate treatment with Dr. Allen’s device improves the blood circulation in the affected prostate gland that reduces local inflammation relieving pain and other symptoms. A video produced by Oxford Innovation Centre shows a CP/CPPS patient of Fine Treatment who had been in pain for over 4 years, while taking numerous antibiotics and prostate drugs to no avail, and later successfully treated himself with Dr. Allen’s device at home:

Antibiotics are important drugs, often restoring health and even saving lives. But like all drugs, they can have unwanted and serious side effects, particularly when they are used over a prolonged period of time. According to the Prostatitis Foundation, the American Urological Association Meeting of 2004 revealed, “Although researchers are still looking for a possible infectious cause of CPPS (among others), a large trial of antibiotics showed that this most commonly prescribed therapy doesn’t help men with longstanding, refractory CPPS. And the second most commonly prescribed type of therapy—alpha blockers—don’t help in these men either.”

Fine Treatment’s chronic prostatitis patient Timo, 38, used to suffer from this disorder for quite a long time, and started wearing Dr. Allen’s device in March 2012, saying: “Now I am wearing it. Hope that this helps. I want to get rid of medication. I have now 3 weeks of antibiotics and continuous painkillers.” Now Timo has shared, “Not a problem with the prostate condition at the moment, since June, so I am not wearing the device any longer”.

“Chronic prostatitis cases clearly show the benefits of the Thermobalancing therapy to its users. While a growing body of evidence shows it’s necessary to reconsider the use of antibiotics for the treatment of chronic prostatitis,” says Dr. Simon Allen. “Dr. Allen’s therapeutic device improves blood circulation locally inside the prostate that cleanses the prostate gland from inflammation reducing the swelling and symptoms of chronic prostatitis.”

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About Dr. Simon Allen and Fine Treatment:
Dr. Simon Allen is a highly experienced medical professional. His specialty is in the internal medicine and cardio-vascular field. He has treated a wide range of chronic diseases, including patients after a heart attack, with kidneys problems, including kidney stones disease, prostate and spine conditions, as well as metabolic disorders. Fine Treatment exclusively offers Dr Allen’s devices for chronic prostatitis and BPH treatment, coronary heart disease, dissolving kidney stones, as well as lower back pain relief and sciatica treatment.

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