Tiny Footprint Coffee Receives Stamp of Approval from the Rainforest Alliance

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The Rainforest Alliance (http://www.rainforest-alliance.org), the international sustainability nonprofit, has validated Tiny Footprint Coffee’s carbon offset purchases from the Mindo Cloudforest Foundation (MCF), based in Ecuador.

Tiny Footprint Coffee, the world's first carbon negative coffee.

Tiny Footprint Coffee and the Mindo Cloudforest Foundation can now offer carbon offsets to businesses that purchase Tiny Footprint Coffee to offset their carbon emissions.

The Rainforest Alliance (http://www.rainforest-alliance.org), the international sustainability nonprofit, has validated Tiny Footprint Coffee’s carbon offset purchases from the Mindo Cloudforest Foundation (MCF), based in Ecuador.

Tiny Footprint Coffee (http://www.tinyfootprintcoffee.com) is the world’s first carbon-negative coffee. Introduced on Earth Day 2010, Minneapolis-based Roastery 7 and Pocket Hercules formed a unique partnership with the Mindo Cloudforest Foundation (http://www.mindocloudforest.org), a non-profit located in Ecuador that is dedicated to preserving and managing 2,000 acres of cloud forest, and reforesting 1,700 acres of nearby lands in the Mindo cloud forest, located in the Choco Bioregion on the western slopes of the Andes. Through the Mindo Cloudforest Foundation’s responsible reforestation effort, the goal is to capture more than 400 million pounds of carbon dioxide from the Earth’s atmosphere, and to create new bird habitat throughout the Mindo cloud forest.

The Mindo Cloudforest Foundation is the first organization in Ecuador to achieve this rigorous level of validation by a third party for its carbon benefits. The carbon offsets produced through the Foundation’s climate change mitigation project meet the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and the Climate, Community and Biodiversity (CCB) Standard, according to the Rainforest Alliance.

The validation of these carbon offsets paves the way for Tiny Footprint Coffee and the Mindo Cloudforest Foundation to offer carbon offsets to businesses and organizations that purchase Tiny Footprint Coffee as one way to offset carbon emissions created in the process of day-to-day business operations.

According to Mindo Cloudforest Foundation co-founder and director Brian Krohnke, the Minneapolis native behind the Mindo cloud forest reforestation effort, the validation by the Rainforest Alliance is an important milestone in its effort to fight climate change.

Founded in 2001, the non-profit Mindo Cloudforest Foundation launched its climate change mitigation program in 2007 with initial tree plantings funded by Tiny Footprint Coffee in 2010. So far, Tiny Footprint Coffee purchases have resulted in the planting of more than 5,000 trees that have the long-term (30 years) potential of removing about 3,300 metric tons of carbon emissions from the atmosphere.

“The more Tiny Footprint Coffee that people purchase, the more trees we can plant – meaning more greenhouse gasses are removed from our atmosphere,” says Krohnke. “Tiny Footprint Coffee drinkers are doing good every time they sip a cup of coffee. And that’s good for all of us.”

In addition to Tiny Footprint Coffee, Belgium’s largest telecommunications provider, Telenet, has joined the fight on carbon emissions through its support of the Mindo Cloudforest Foundation. By 2013, more than 500,000 trees will be planted on 1,250 acres in the Mindo Cloudforest to neutralize the company’s carbon footprint.

“The work that the Mindo Cloudforest Foundation is performing special and it’s why we want Tiny Footprint Coffee associated with it,” added Alan Krohnke, co-founder of Tiny Footprint Coffee and Roastery 7 in Minneapolis. “It’s more than just creating carbon offsets that allow big corporations to neutralize their carbon emissions. They’re creating and protecting habitat for birds and other wildlife right on the equator in one of the wettest, most bio-diverse spots on the planet. They’re creating eco-tourism opportunities, adding reforestation jobs, and creating new economic models that are in harmony with the cloud forest. This is big, inspiring stuff.”

“Plus, it brings joy to what we do, and we are so happy to share that with our Tiny Footprint Coffee supporters,” Alan Krohnke added.

About Tiny Footprint Coffee

Tiny Footprint Coffee is a carbon-negative, artisan-roasted, sustainably sourced coffee brand. For every pound of Tiny Footprint Coffee that is purchased, Roastery 7 and Pocket Hercules purchase reforestation-funding carbon offsets from the Mindo Cloudforest Foundation. The planting of these trees removes carbon emissions from the atmosphere and more than offsets the production, transportation and marketing of Tiny Footprint Coffee, which is available for purchase through http://www.tinyfootprintcoffee.com, Amazon.com, retailers and coffee shops throughout the United States. To learn more about Tiny Footprint Coffee, visit http://www.tinyfootprint.com.

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