Fat Banking Can Now Maintain Youthful Appearance For Years To Come; Emerging Field of Regenerative Medicine May Hold Key to Fountain of Youth

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Houston plastic surgeon, Dr. R. Lee Steely has partnered with AdiCyte to harvest and store fat cells and their accompanying stem cells from routine cosmetic surgery procedures. These cells may be used in the future for cosmetic needs or repair after trauma or disease.

With this new technique, we are going to be able to literally turn back the clock and return some of your youthfulness from months, years, or even decades in the past.

Dr. R. Lee Steely, Board Certified plastic surgeon in Houston, Texas is one of the first surgeons to be offering a cutting edge cosmetic surgery solution- fat and adipocyte stem cell storage for later use.

In a joint effort with cell biologists and stem cell researchers at AdiCyte, an FDA registered laboratory with over 20 years of experience in cryopreservation techniques for tissue, Dr. Steely is now able to harvest and keep existing fat cells and their accompanying stem cells during routine cosmetic procedures to be specially stored and subsequently used in the future as the patient's cosmetic needs arise throughout their lifetime. “Imagine having a small liposuction procedure while in your thirties and being able to store and use that young vibrant tissue when in your sixties or seventies to help regain some of your youthful volume and contour in the face, breast, or body”, says Dr. Steely, a plastic surgeon in Houston whose practice is exclusively cosmetic plastic surgery and has a special interest in fat grafting for the face, breast and body. “As we all know, all of our tissues change with age- becoming less elastic and supportive. With this new technique, we are going to be able to literally turn back the clock and return some of your youthfulness from months, years, or even decades in the past” Steely states.

Storing and using tissues for correction of deep facial lines, wrinkles, and even asymmetries or volume deficiencies of the face, breast, or body can provide lasting results with little risk of adverse reactions. In addition, current research has shown that some of the specialized stem cells present in fatty tissues may hold great promise in the emerging field of regenerative medicine, where instead of using man made materials to repair or enhance the body, early research has shown evidence that these stem cells taken from fat can potentially be used in the near future to regrow muscle or tendon.

“It is an exciting time to be in medicine”, says Dr Steely. “We are considering the harvesting and storing of these fat cells and their accompanying stem cells as a sort of ‘bio-insurance’ for the potential to have our own more youthful tissues frozen in time to hopefully be used to treat disorders, disfigurements, and diseases as technology continues to improve over the years. Patients electing to have other cosmetic procedures such as breast lifting, liposuction, tummy tucks, thigh lifting and other procedures have this fantastic opportunity to preserve these tissues for use in the near or distant future,” says Steely.

Dr. Robert Lee Steely, MD FACS is a board certified plastic surgeon in Houston, Texas specializing is cosmetic plastic surgery of the face, breast, and body. He is the author of multiple articles on the art and science of plastic surgery. Dr. Robert Steely can be reached at 713.622.6500 or http://www.drsteely.com. More can be found about the fat storage process from the AdiCyte web page at http://www.adicyte.com.

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