Pump Solutions Australasia Announces New Import: Grundfos ALPHA2

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Major pump supplier and distributor, Pump Solutions Australasia, introduces the Grundfos ALPHA2 circulator pump to Australia.

Pump Solutions Australasia

We always strive to import only the best products from the best companies into Australia, and both Grundfos and the ALPHA2 are worthy of that description.

Pump Solutions Australasia has imported various filters and pumps to Australia for over 22 years. Their latest offering is the Grundfos ALPHA2. The ALPHA2 is a compact, high-efficient circulator pump. Its most popular use is for circulating water and liquids through a heating system.

The ALPHA2 features a unique, intelligent feature called AUTOADAPT. AUTOADAPT allows the ALPHA2 to adapt to whatever demands are being made upon the pump. AUTOADAPT then determines the best performance settings by analysing the heating system and changing the settings accordingly. Grundfos and Pump Solutions Australia feel that AUTOADAPT makes the ALPHA2 the easiest and most innovative circulator pump on the market today.

The user never has to worry about whether the settings are correct, because they always are. The AUTOADAPT feature helps make the ALPHA2 circulator extremely energy-efficient as it always ensures the optimum setting all year round.

The ALPHA2 has other uses besides heating systems. It can be used for hot water systems for residential purposes because of its stainless steel housing. It can also be used for systems that need optimisation of the pump duty point, with varying or constant flows. It can be used for hot or cold water systems, and in systems which require night setback.

The ALPHA2 is compact, and the pump head has the control box integrated into it. The AUTOADAPT setting is the default mode for the ALPHA2, and is appropriate for most uses. The ALPHA2 also has proportional and constant pressure control, very low noise, high starting torque, self-venting pump housing, an integrated frequency converter, and automatic night setback.

It was designed as part of the European Union’s Energy+ Pumps project. The project was designed to encourage the creation of energy-efficient circulation pumps. The ALPHA2 won the Best Energy Circulator awards in two of three categories in the Energy+ Pumps Awards of 2008, and received an A rating from the EU.

Pumps with A ratings have been proven to cut up to 10% off of the average electricity bill, at least in Europe. While Australian weather is neither as harsh nor extreme as European weather, it is projected that the ALPHA2 will still save money for the average Australian household, especially in an era of rising energy costs. It is perfect for heating and cooling applications, using state-of-the-art Grundfos technology.

Mike Hurlbatt, owner of Pump Solutions Australasia, is excited to offer the ALPHA2: “We always strive to import only the best products from the best companies into Australia, and both Grundfos and the ALPHA2 are worthy of that description.”

Hurlbatt continued, “The ALPHA2 is a compact, reliable, energy-efficient circulator that pretty much runs on its own. After the pump has been installed, the homeowner doesn’t have to worry about anything. The AUTOADAPT control mode does all the work, and the ALPHA2 performs to its optimum abilities, day and night, year after year. The fact that it saves money is almost a secondary factor to its reliability, but nobody is going to complain about having a lower electric bill during the cold months, either.”

Hurlbatt concluded, “We’re really proud of the ALPHA2, and it fits right in with our consistently high-quality roster of products. We’ve been doing this since 1990, and we know how to find our customers the best products at the lowest prices. The ALPHA2 is yet another great solution for our customers.”

Pump Solutions Australasia imports and distributes high quality filters and pumps to Australia. Their products include water pumps, centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, and vacuum pumps.

They also do service and repair from small pumps to heavy machineries. For more information on their products and services, visit their website: http://www.pumpsolutions.com.au/ or call them at 1300 922 973.

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