Business Checks Redesign Has Enabled Cheaper Pricing and Better Quality at Print EZ claims to have got the right mix of better quality and cheaper pricing on business checks. While this may be a tough statement to bite, there are specific reasons that the company provides about how has been able to manage such a unique and impossible combination.

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Business Checks Redesign Has Enabled Cheaper Pricing and Better Quality at Print EZ understands that there is a lot to business checks than just a piece of paper that is a promissory note. It reflects the very essence of what the company stands for.

Monroe, NY (PRWEB) November 12, 2012 claims to have nailed it with the launch of business checks that have been redesigned to ensure better quality albeit with a price tag that is not so dear. The company has recently overhauled the website and made significant number of changes in the product portfolio, adding a large number of products in each category. The most recent launch has been in the business checks category that claims to have designs that reflect a professional, efficient and reliable organization.

Most clients think that a reduction in price always comes with a significant compromise on quality. However, in the launch of these redesigned products, claims that there has actually been no compromise on the quality. In fact, the CEO, Morris Rose stated, “ understands that there is a lot to business checks than just a piece of paper that is a promissory note. It reflects the very essence of what the company stands for. This is why the new range of redesigned checks for businesses has been created with the utmost care to uphold these values.”
Sources reveal that the key to the reduced pricing has more to do with the sourcing strategy than the new designs in particular. The aggressive growth plans of the company have allowed it to forge ahead with projections and growth numbers ensuring that the purchases can take place in bulk. The sourcing team at evidently has done a great job of negotiations and pricing, allowing the company to price the new business checks range aggressively.

What really needs to be seen is whether the new plans work as the company has planned. Aggressive sourcing of raw materials has always been a necessity when it comes to attempting to rule the markets. However, a single wrong step can mean large inventory and difficulties in offloading the products to customers. When asked about the risk that is taking, the CEO replied, “ has done its homework well. The company has researched all areas and arrived at the growth and sales estimates based on customer demand, the appeal of the new designs and the overall marketing and promotional activities that are being done on the site and in the specific category too. There is hardly any doubt in the minds of the employees and those who have created this strategy that there will be a large number of people who will order business check options and that the company shall emerge as one of the top ranking business printing solutions company.”

Other efforts taken to support the aggressive growth plans of the company include a new look on the website that allows for better navigation, addition to all the product portfolios and much more. It has been brought to light that there are a series of promotional ideas that have been discussed and while the finalization is still due, the company is not likely to reveal plans till the time the promotions are on site. “There is a large amount of competition in this area and plans to keep new ideas close to heart lest check companies try and steal the show.” The company believes that a large number of initiatives are being taken at the same time since multiple categories are being worked upon. Time is of essence here. Employees are working incessantly to ensure the proper timing of each and every launch as per the schedules that have been decided.”

With the kind of ambitious plans that has created for the company, it is only a matter of time till it shall be clear to everyone whether or not the company will emerge as a leader in this online arena or whether these ambitious plans will leave them with a lot of raw material to get rid of.

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