Massage-Chair-Relief.Com Unveils An In-Depth Conversation With The Vice President Of Infinite Therapeutics

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An in-depth conversation with Jim Coppins, Vice President of Infinite Therapeutics, distributors of the Infinity 5-Star Comfort line of massage chairs, including the very popular IT-8200 and IT-8500 massage chair models.

Dr. Alan Weidner has been providing consistent value to the Massage-Chair-Relief.Com YouTube channel that validates subscription. This value continues with a new in-depth conversation with Jim Coppins, Vice President of Infinite Therapeutics.

The two-part, thirty minute discussion covers a variety of subjects that will enthuse and educate anyone considering purchasing one of the many chairs from Infinite Therapeutics as well those who are currently benefiting from the technology that has justified Infinite Therapeutics meteoric rise within the industry.

The History of Infinite Therapeutics

The interview begins with a brief history of the company, most notably how they became involved in the design and manufacture of massage chairs. The roots of the company can be traced back to the 1990’s, but it was not until 2009, after coming across a company exhibiting massage chairs, that Infinite Therapeutics began looking into the industry and conceptual design. One year later, in 2010, Infinite Therapeutics launched with the IT-9800, their flagship chair.

From the start, Infinite Therapeutics stood out from the competition. Unlike other chairs in the industry, the IT-9800 was manufactured in Taiwan and did not have any airbags, only rollers. This was a very unique concept and one that paid off for the company.

But the true reason for deciding to launch with the IT-9800 came from an aesthetic point of view. The luxurious look of the IT-9800, wrapped in 100% all leather, made it look at home in both the office and the home. This success paved the way for the latest innovations, the 8000 series.

The 8000 Series

The 800 series began with the unveiling of the IT-8200. Both Dr. Alan Weidner, CEO of and Jim Coppins, Vice President of Infinite Therapeutics, agree during the conversation that the IT-8200 has been a consistent top seller. Jim Coppins heralded the IT-8200 as a, “home run” for Infinite Therapeutics and the definition of what he likes to call “Infinite technology”.

Reviews for the IT-8200 have been unanimously positive across the board. The all-encompassing features, including the head roll, the shiatsu seat swivel, the arm airbags, and the mechanical foot rollers have all combined to take the massage experience to a whole new level.


During the interview, accessible via the Massage-Chair-Relief.Com YouTube channel, Jim Coppins, Vice President of Infinite Therapeutics, discusses the reasoning for the sudden launch of the IT-8500 after the IT-8200. He remarks that although the IT-8200 had been a huge success, the company felt that they could have improved the design from an aesthetic point of view and this was the reasoning behind the redesign and launch.

Apart from the aesthetical improvements, there are many additional improvements that Mr. Coppins feels make the IT-8500 a much richer massage experience.

As with all great redesigns, the IT-8500 was approached holistically. The improvements began with the redesign of the speakers, allowing for a more personal inter-sound experience. This in turn, allowed for more airbags in the shoulder area and as a result, the True-Grip V-Stretch feature was born.

True-Grip V-Stretch

The True-Grip V-Stretch grips the user’s shoulders with airbags and pins them in place as the rollers go up and down the spine. This stops the user from moving or slipping down the chair and losing the benefit of the overall stretch. This is an intense experience and one that can yield fantastic results over a period of time.

The Future of Infinite Therapeutics

The conversation between Dr. Alan Weidner, CEO of and Jim Coppins, Vice President of Infinite Therapeutics, concludes with a brief teaser of the future of Infinite Therapeutics. Highlights include the future unveiling of another new chair that Jim Coppins suggests will be “of great value to the Infinity line and…will be very popular”. This new chair is finalized in design and currently in production. As for further details, once again, the most reliable and up-to-date resource is the bi-weekly Massage Chair Industry Update available exclusively on the YouTube Channel at

To watch the conversation between Dr. Alan Weidner, CEO of and Jim Coppins, Vice President of Infinite Therapeutics go to To subscribe to the YouTube Channel visit To contact Dr. Alan Weidner, founder and CEO of, personally, call 801-417-8240 or visit

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