San Diego Pond Cleaning Service Recommends Preparation for Colder Months

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Ponds or water gardens are susceptible to bacteria and pollutants that form over the course of the year, putting aquatic life at risk. Water environments should be cleaned out and drained annually to promote safe and healthy environments for pond-life. Beaver Creek Aquatics owner Justin Beaver recommends annual pond cleanouts as part of preparing for the colder months ahead.

Beaver says, “Ponds are beautiful, but when left to degrade over the years, they can become harmful to the aquatic life in them and even to the environment.”

He points out, “The longer you put off cleaning your pond, the more chemicals you will use to clean it out. Utilizing a knowledgeable and experienced professional pond company reduces the amount of chemicals used, which is better for the environment and your pond.”

Full pond cleanout is the removal of all unwanted physical or organic buildups in your pond. This service is done within several hours and the cost depends on the scale of service that needs to be done.

“As a graduate of Ecological Behavior and Evolution Biological Sciences, I am happy to say that I understand the needs, interactions and behaviors of all our aquatic friends. Because of this, I always feel that it is best to have your ponds cleaned at least once a year. This will definitely make them happier and safer from bad micro-organisms,” Beaver states.

Pond cleanouts begin with the partial drainage of the pond onsite. Marine life is held temporarily inside covered aerated water systems during the drainage of the rest of the pond. After this, high-pressure power washers are used to clean all decorative rocks and boulders inside the pond. All algae is removed during the scrubbing process.

The Pond’s substrate is rinsed and drained completely. Then, it’s refilled and treated with additives to ensure marine life safety and boosts the health of the pond’s biological filtration system. The final step is to re-introduce the marine animals into the pond. During this process redesign, filtration upgrades or repairs are done to ensure your pond will maintain its integrity for many years.

Beaver stresses, “If you see a lot of muck accumulating in your pond and it has been a year or more since the last full cleaning; then it is time to get your pond cleaned. Once this service is complere, your pond will be returned to its former beauty and ready for the winter months.”

“If you were unable to have your pond cleaned during the spring or summer months, then now is the best time to have this done before the weather gets any colder,” he adds.

The pond cleanout process of Beaver Creek Aquatics is gentle on marine life including pond plants, turtles, Koi and other kinds of fish. It also preserves the biological ecosystem and ensures that the filtration system is fully functioning and balanced. This balance is extremely important for marine life and ensures a healthy and algae-free pond after the cleanout is completed.

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