Los Angeles Foundation Repair Company Announces Foundation “Tune-Up” - Unique Service Ideal for Extending Foundation Life

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Today foundation repair and seismic retrofitting leader, The Foundation Works, announced a new line of service for the greater Los Angeles area called a “Foundation Tune-Up”. This tailored line of foundation improvement choices significantly cuts cost for the consumer by providing just the exact repair a foundation needs to stabilize it, while simultaneously stripping back any semblance of the many “bells and whistles” that are available in today’s fear-driven marketplace.

Having raised the bar in its sector of the construction industry since its inception nearly 10 years ago, this team is possibly alone in generating highly specific prescriptions, custom-tailored to the foundation repair or seismic retrofitting needs of each particular home, and done at a fraction of the cost. The secret is doing exactly what must be done and not soaking up the customer’s money unnecessarily under the guise of safety. It seems that they’ve figured out that by caring enough for the consumer to see that he/she gets exactly and only what is needed, the goodwill and word-of-mouth stemming from that is the cause of the avalanche success they’ve experienced during back-to back years of company expansion. All the while, this team can and will initiate a full foundation replacement at the blink of an eye when needed.

To overview this consumer friendly service, we got a few highlights from a company spokesperson. “Any savvy individual who wants to perpetually stay on the successful side of the business ledger knows it’s all about providing better than the hoped for service,” he began. “And if any company has proven they are on the customer’s side, I’m proud to say it’s us. These days, the consumer has the final say thanks to the advent of the internet, and nobody even approaches our multiple online review status, a fact we are both proud of and humbled by.”

In brief, every retrofit or repair is preceded by a very thorough inspection of the inside, outside, and underside of the home. Once done, and all elements and factors are known about the foundation’s condition, bringing it up to standard is charted by what is called a prescription. It’s gone over in detail with the property owner or designated representative, answering any questions so it is clear exactly what is being called for. Repairs are then done or restoration is then made omitting extravagances or “nice-to-haves” – unless called for by the customer. “Geriatric surgery” is a term coined internally at The foundation Works, the concept being that when one begins to work on a classic older home, it is best to create corrections that do not in turn cause even more damage by having gone too far. Not unlike a team of surgeons with a Midas touch, this viewpoint serves quite well in guiding the recipe designed for each situation. A more complete overview of their services can be found here.

The integrity of this business model is striking. It is exclamation pointed by the fact that they have been known to pass on surprise budget savings to a customer versus simply taking it to widen a profit margin. In this day and age it is refreshing to find a company anxious to find cost-saving methods that favor the customer, not just the service provider! Tailor making foundation repair under the heading of a tune-up is so unheard of, that there is a temptation to formally issue a challenge to find any other company so dedicated to the best interest of their customers. Who else would just do what the customer needs and no more?

In fact, thanks to renovation reality TV shows, we may never hear of anything better than the “casually honest" contractors or downright “bad guys”. And the superheroes that are on the consumer’s side are the TV stars, so they are not likely to be available unless one becomes a show participant.

The Foundation Works’ customers, past present and future, are like the lucky winners of reality show renovation hero services – they get superlative service. The main difference is they don’t have to wait to find out if they were chosen for the TV show and instead can just schedule an inspection. It instantly puts them on the way to a stable foundation, resting assured of only getting the work done they need. Oh, and one last point important to those customers who are camera shy: they get the top-notch service without the televised publicity.

The company can be contacted through their website at TheFoundationWorks.com.

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