Two Strangers, Similar Histories, Same Goal: Clean Up Their City

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Shirley Ingram and Bruce Osgood don't know each other, but they both have very similar histories and are both doing the exact same work every day. Each of them were very involved in athletic activities most of their lives, but because of age and injuries, now devote their time to cleaning up their home town. Grapplers Inc. recently donated to each of them a Grappler Pick Up Tool to help them in their efforts.

The Grappler pick-up tool really makes it easy to keep our city clean.

Shirley Ingram and Bruce Osgood don't know each other, but they both have very similar histories and are both doing the exact same work every day using a trash pick up tool.

Shirley Ingram used to run marathons for much of her life and enjoyed the exercise. She won several awards in different age categories for her activity. It was something she truly loved doing, but because of injuries and age, she is not able to run them anymore and has found something else to keep her fit.

Bruce Osgood used to hike incredible distances just for fun. He hiked from his home clear to the top of Mount Rose and back, a distance of over 70 miles, in one day. He once hiked all the way across the state of Nevada in just a couple of days, well over 300 miles. He had a few strokes a few years ago that have now made it impossible for him to do such difficult adventures.

Shirley moved to Sparks Nevada from Oregon 19 years ago. One day, after a sheriff's cleanup crew had cleaned a section of highway, someone left a Grappler trash pick up tool on the ground (the wayward students doing the cleanup didn't care about it and left it). She picked it up and has been using it ever since to clean up her neighborhood. Shirley and her husband once picked up 38,000 beer and soda pop cans along the freeway east of Reno and Sparks in one month's time. She also picks apples that are hanging over the fence and makes applesauce to give to the poor and the homeless.

Bruce had lived in Sparks for decades and needed something to do other than watch TV, so we set out on a mission to create the "Cleanest Highway in America: The Pyramid Highway." Every day he would walk for three or four hours up and down the freeway picking up all sorts of trash and refuse. On an average a day he would collect between 100 and 300 items equating to a minimum of 10 pounds of trash.

Both Shirley and Bruce love to do what they're doing. Every day someone will honk as they go by as a thank you for their efforts. Both have become fairly well-known in Sparks Nevada and people comment all the time, "I see you everywhere. How do you do it?"

Yet neither has met each other.

When Jay Theissen's, the owner of Grapplers Inc. saw what they were doing, he gave them each a brand-new Grappler trash pick up tool. This American-made product (made right here in Sparks Nevada), was a perfect solution for each of them. Although Shirley had already had one, he fixed it up and gave her another one for her husband. Bruce, who was rather skeptical at first because he thought it would be too heavy, was very grateful for it just a few days later because, "it reduced the number of times I had to bend over and pick up anything." He was worried what effect all that bending would do to him when he "got older."

So now we have three individuals who have donated something to help clean up Sparks Nevada, and keep it clean: Shirley, Bruce and Jay. Three people who love their hometown and are not willing to just let somebody else take care of the problems they see, but go out and do something about it themselves. Three individuals dedicated to making life here better for the others and serving one another. Three people who use their time and resources to do something good and worthwhile.

And all of them are happier people because of it.

If you could use a trash pickup tool to help clean up your yard, park, stream bed, river, community or highway, go to to purchase one for yourself, your church group, team or organization. The Grappler comes in a variety of lengths from 2 feet long up to 8 feet long. These are made of rust free aluminum and come with a lifetime guarantee, something none of our competitors offer. The best part is, they are made in America, also unlike any of our competitors. You may also call them at 877-212-5803.

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