Discover the Benefits of LED Christmas Lights This Holiday Season

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LED HOLIDAY LIGHTING, the leading online LED Christmas Lights retailer, proudly emphasizes the benefits and overall value of LED Lights, underlining energy efficiency, low temperature, long life, overall cost savings, and RoHS, Energy Star and UL standards.

LED Christmas lights

LED Christmas Lights For All Occasions

Brighten the Holidays with LED Christmas Lights

Benefit this holiday season from capitalizing in the energy efficiency, low temperature safety, long life quality, and overall cost savings of LED Christmas Lights.

Before shopping for Christmas decorations this holiday season, consider weighing the benefits and cost of LED lights to traditional incandescent lights. A cost-analysis breakdown of LED Lights versus Incandescent lights confirms lighting your Christmas tree with LED Christmas lights provides a drastic cost advantage, leaving more money for your holiday shopping budget.

The foremost benefits of LED Christmas lights are energy efficiency, low temperature, long life, and overall cost savings.

Energy Efficiency

Discover the Energy Savings of LED Christmas Lights
LED Christmas lights hands down use less energy than incandescent lights. The secret: Light-Emitting Diodes, or LED lights. LED Christmas Lights are the eco-friendly option as they comply with Energy Star Standards. LED Lights also use lower wattage, allowing more light strings to be safely connected. LED lights use only about 1/10th the energy level used by incandescent bulbs, making LED lights almost 9 times more energy-efficient. This energy-efficiency, on average, can save up to $10 per every 300 lighting hours.

Low Temperature & Overall Safety

Discover the Benefits of a Safer Christmas with LED Christmas Lights.
Lower energy consumption leads to greater benefits than just cost-efficiency. LED Christmas lights do not produce heat. Their energy is light-emitting, not heat-emitting. This means LED lights remain cool to the touch, making them the safer, child-friendly and fire-resistant option to light live Christmas trees. LED’s provide brighter lighting with lower bulb temperatures, providing both a glorious site and a safe environment. LED Christmas lights comply with RoHS standards and UL standards, making LED lights both safe and eco-friendly decorating option this holiday season.

Long Life

Discover the Longevity Benefits of LED Christmas Lights.
Longer heat exposure shortens the life-span of Christmas lights, meaning LED lights strive over incandescent lights. LED Christmas Lights can last up to 50,000 hours! When the long term savings and benefits of LED Christmas Lights are factored, the worthwhile investment is very apparent. LED Christmas Lights are designed to last, making the need for replacement bulbs or full strands few and far between. 50,000 hours means LED Christmas lights could be left on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for up to 6 whole years before burning out. Compact fluorescent light bulbs and incandescent light bulbs tend to last only a fraction of that time. Consider how long LED Christmas lights last with the superiorly low energy consumption helping lower energy bills, and the investment pays for itself in no time.

Cost Savings

Cost Analysis: LED Lights vs. Incandescent Lights
When comparing the initial cost of LED Christmas lights to incandescent bulbs, the overall energy consumption, maintenance, longevity, and durability must be considered. LED lights have the higher initial price tag. However, LEDs will last years longer than the incandescent lights as well as offer continuing energy savings year after year. These two facts alone pay for the initial price difference of LED Christmas Lights. When comparing the cost of bulb replacements or even full replacement, LED Christmas light strands, on average, last 10 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. LED lights do not contain a filament like incandescent bulbs do, meaning they are more solid and can withstand regular bumping and handling. When weighing the energy savings, life-span, and durability of LED lights to traditional Christmas lights, the continued cost-saving benefits outweigh the initial cost difference.

Greater Selection

Discover the Unbelievable Selection of LED Christmas Lights.
LED Christmas lights offer a greater selection of color options. There are endless colors and color combinations available with interchangeable LED light strands to customize your own color pattern, color changing LED bulbs, and numerous solid LED color options. Some of the unique colors available with LED Christmas lights include teal, champagne, burgundy, antique candlelight, amber, purple, pink and more. Settling for plain, traditional light decorating colors is a thing of the past with LED Christmas lights.

LED Holiday Lighting Delivers a Wide Selection of LED Christmas Lights

Discover a More Energy-Efficient, Cost-Effective, Safe Holiday Decorating Season.
LED Holiday Lighting is the premier provider of LED Christmas lighting for all your seasonal decorating needs. LED Holiday Lightings has been carrying seasonal LED lighting since it was first manufactured in 2003, and was the first to offer a dimmable C7/C9 LED Retrofit Bulb. LED Holiday Lighting is your online source to cost savings and safety this Christmas Season. When it comes to LED Christmas lighting, LED Holiday Lighting holds the cost competitive advantage. LED Holiday Lighting offers a wide selection of LED Lights which are great for the Christmas holiday season, along with plenty of warm and pastel colors for weddings and special events.

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