Who Is Right? Keynesian Socialists’ Economics or Austrian Libertarian Economics: A Simple Explanation of the Difference

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The Economy Is The Number One Issue For Many Voters, and The Nation Has Been Lead By “Keynesian” Economist For Years. What Are Keynesians? Spenders. And Who Are Their Biggest Enemies? Producers. Success Council, an Online Libertarian Platform, Teaching People How To Prepare For An Economic Crisis, Explains Austrian vs. Keynesian Economics In Simple Online Video.

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Keynesians’ “God” is spending, while Austrians’ “God” is productivity.

Success Council, an online group teaching people how to profit and prosper during the upcoming economic collapse, offers a simple explanation to the question: Who Is Right? Keynesians or Austrians?

The global financial crisis in 2008 has caused a resurgence of “Keynesian” economics. What does this mean? Well, according to Wikipedia, Keynesians do not believe that a perfect mechanism exists to move employment and output to full levels, so their answer is to intervene through the Federal Reserve and Government Spending.

When asked about the stimulus package, President Obama, the incumbent presidential candidate responded, “This is not a Stimulus Bill, this is a Spending Bill. What do you think a Stimulus Bill is? That’s the whole point.”

Well, the economy is a hot topic in the upcoming election, and many Americans feel that the Spending Bill did not fix the economy. The Keynesians’ response? “It just wasn’t enough spending.” This is the response despite the fact that our national debt is over 16 trillion dollars and rising.

Success Council makes the point simple in its latest video; Keynesians’ “God” is spending, while Austrians’ “God” is productivity. They offer a straightforward, simple explanation of how these different schools of economic thought work in the real world.

Austrian economist, on the other hand, champion productivity, and have faith in the free market to bring any economy into equilibrium. According to the Ludwig Von Mises Institute, one of the founders of Austrian economics, early Austrian scholars were: “advocates of property rights and the freedom to contract and trade. They celebrated the contribution of business to society, while doggedly opposing taxes, price controls, and regulations that inhibited enterprise.”

Only days before the presidential election, the economy weighs heavily on many Americans’ minds. Keynesian economics has dominated the present economy. So, voters will have to ask themselves: do they want more government intervention and oversight? Or is it time to make the comparison between Keynesian and Austrian thought and go with less spending, and less government?

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