United Sovereignty Alliance Issues call for Constitutional Referendum Vote by The People.

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Ronald Reagan said the Freedom is never more than one generation from Extinction.

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The Election is over and the people still lose due to their complacency during the electoral process. The Sovereignty of the United States is at risk not from forces outside the country but from within by a political process out of touch with the people. Both Major Political Parties forget the premise of the Declaration of Independence -- “We the People”

The United Sovereignty Alliance is a non-partisan non-profit [501C4] with a clear agenda to correct what it sees as a constitutionally fraudulent governmental process. “We will never give up on the idea of a free and independent nation the founding fathers envisioned,” said Burton F. Hill, Founder.

The Referendum Vote proposed shall be for Nov. 3, 2014 and will have a ballot of many proposals. In order for this to work all 50 States must be involved with the people circulating 3 petitions.

First, a petition signed by duly registered voters of each state demanding their right to use the 10th Amendment in a Constitutional Referendum vote on specific Constitutional Amendments and Government Reforms proposed on the Web site.

Second, a petition signed by duly registered voters that all state legislatures ratify the peoples vote within 30 days.

Third, a petition signed by duly registered voters that their Governors convene for a Constitutional Convention within 6 months of the peoples vote, to ratify the peoples vote as well as up to 24 items only the delegates shall know due to National Security reasons.

Among the Amendments and proposals to be on the ballot are the following but not inclusive to total ballot items.

1..Repeal and Replace the Affordable Health Care Act.

2. An amendment to the constitution limiting the use of the Electoral College

3. Repeal and Replace Dodd-Frank with legislation that pinpoints financial institutional problems as well as separates Wall Street from Main Street institutions.

4. Amend the 1st Amendment and place religious rights of all at the hands of each community, county and state. Reduce the Federal Courts’ power to intervene in the people’s right to choose. Each community county and State must respect the rights of all religions and make compromises where each are accepted.

5. A Constitutional Amendment that states “Life begins at Conception”.

6. A Constitutional Amendment that states “Marriage shall be a Holy Bond between a Man and a Woman”.

7. A Constitutional Amendment that states the United States shall not allow any foreign law that disrespects the rights of Female’s to an education and their right to choose their direction of their life regardless of foreign teachings.

8. A Constitutional Amendment that Bars Federal Courts from granting any exceptions of duly passed legislation to another Federal Agency.

9. A Constitutional Amendment that Bars Federal Courts to interfere with Military Court Rulings.

10. A Constitutional Amendment that any individual or group entering the United States with the sole purpose of distributing Illegal drugs be considered Enemy Combatants and shall be placed in military custody and reposed to the military justice system.

11. A Constitutional Amendment that states any Individual or group, having committed a Terrorist attack on any American or Government property around the Globe, when captured shall be placed in military custody and interred in Guantanamo Bay. No foreign individual captured on foreign soil shall be allowed to set foot in the United States. Although G.I.T.M.O. is a military post and on foreign soil [Cuba], it shall be considered the only confinement for captured enemy combatants.

To View more Amendment proposals as well as government reforms visit United Sovereignty Alliance.org of contact us thru P O Box 91744, Sioux Falls, S.D. 57109

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