New Papaya Leaf Tea With Mint Aids Digestion, Strengthens Immune System and Increases Body’s Natural Anti-Tumor Effects

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Herbal Papaya, a company dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of natural and organic papaya health supplements, has released a new and delightfully exciting Organic Papaya Leaf Tea With Mint to complement its original 100% Papaya Leaf Tea, and help spread the health benefits found in Papaya. A recent scientific study has found that the extract from papaya leaves exhibit anti-tumor activity and immuno-modulatory effects. Unfortunately, in North America, it is extremely difficult to find papaya leaves for consumption. Drinking Papaya Leaf Tea is an ideal way to introduce papaya into the diet.

This exciting Papaya Leaf Mint Flavored Tea combines innovation, value and style for our customers. Its exciting that people are becoming more aware of the health benefits of Papaya Leaf Tea, and taking active control of their health.

Herbal Papaya's new Papaya Leaf Tea with Mint is made exclusively from organic papaya leaves rich with the natural immune booster enzyme Papain. On the market for the last 18 months, their original Papaya Leaf Tea has received outstanding awards, reviews and testimonials from individuals across the United States and beyond.

The New Product - Organic Papaya Leaf Tea with Mint ( - released in November 2012 is a gentle and natural way to maintain a healthy digestive system. Since ancient times, papaya leaf has been beneficial for promoting vitality, health and youth. Papaya Leaf is considered not only safe, but beneficial for boosting immunity and reducing inflammation.

Papaya Leaf Tea ( with Mint combines the bold taste of papaya leaves with the assertive zing of peppermint, the sweetness of spearmint and the subtle, calming freshness of lemon balm. A smooth, well-rounded brew that is slightly lighter than the original Papaya Leaf, with a prominent minty personality. Delicious, soothing and fresh, with wonderful digestive properties, this is another exquisitely refreshing addition to Herbal Papaya's line of Tea Products.

The human body is designed to fight infections and foreign invaders through the immune system. When the immune system is functioning optimally, the body is better equipped to fight chronic conditions and diseases, including cancer. Scientific research indicates that papaya leaf extract helps to regulate T-cells and increase the overall immune system’s response to cancer. T-cells are produced in bone marrow and move into both the blood and lymphatic system to help fight diseases and infections.

Papaya Leaf Tea can be served hot or over ice, whatever an individual's preference. Many find this tea’s flavor to be reminiscent of green tea, but with more rich tropical notes. Papaya leaf tea’s enzyme Papain is 20 times more powerful as an antioxidant than Vitamin E and for generations people in tropical climates have used it for the effective treatment of various conditions and diseases including boosting platelet counts, malaria and dengue fever.

Organic Papaya Leaf Tea With Mint is available exclusively available from Herbal Papaya by calling 800-820-4829 or visiting It can also be purchased on

About Herbal Papaya
Herbal Papaya manufactures pure papaya health products and supplements including papaya leaf extract, papaya leaf tea, papaya seed extract, papaya super juice and dried papaya fruit. Headquartered in Wylie, Texas, they manufacture and sell papaya based natural supplements that boost the human body’s natural immune response helping fight diseases and chronic disorders. All products are sourced in a sustainable and socially responsible manner which ensures that ingredients are of the highest quality.

About Herbal Papaya’s New Organic Papaya Leaf Tea With Mint
Made from 100% pure Organic Papaya Leaves milled with Pepper mint, Spear mint and Lemon balm leaves, each teabag is individually wrapped to guarantee freshness. The tea is rich in antioxidants to help boost the immune system and reduces inflammation thereby allowing the body to be better equipped to fight diseases and toxins.

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