Dr. Rafik Benaissa Suing Canadian Engineering Group SNC Lavalin

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Dr. Rafik Benaissa, an American-Canadian orthopedic trauma surgeon and brother of Riadh Benaissa, has taken legal action against Canadian Engineering Group SNC Lavalin. The suit alleges SNC Lavalin has used Riadh Benaissa as a scapegoat in the international scandal linking SNC Lavalin to the Kadhafi regime.


Dr. Rafik Benaissa, an American-Canadian orthopedic trauma surgeon and brother of Riadh Ben Aissa, has taken legal action against Canadian engineering group SNC Lavalin.

The suit filed in the Montreal Superior Court for 5 million dollars alleges SNC Lavalin has used Riadh Ben Aissa as a scapegoat in its Board of Trustees’ plan of keeping its billions of dollars interests in Libya in the face of a major political change, when it previously encouraged him, helped him, and funded him to work with the Kadhafi regime in Libya for 27 years. (Montreal Superior Court file 500-1707-4573-125)

“This is clearly one of the most serious discrimination case in Canadian history. One where an Arab-Canadian is given hand cuffs and thrown in a foreign jail cell, while his supervisors are offered 5 million dollars and a golden retirement plan.” says Hatem Kourda, a Tunisia-based attorney for Dr. Rafik Benaissa.

“SNC Lavalin’s action of dismissing dishonorably and publicly Riadh Ben Aissa in February of this year was nothing but a disgraceful illegal maneuver to please the new regime in Libya, while at the same time destroying Riadh Ben Aissa’s career and plunging his life and his family’s into great suffering and misery. A billion dollars’ worth of contracts were saved by the SNC Lavalin’s Board of Trustees by betraying and destroying the very employee who brought them to that company with more than a quarter of a century of relentless work and dedication. No human being should ever be used and treated in this manner.”

“We are equally concerned about Swiss Federal Attorney General Michael Lauber’s decision to arrest and detain Riadh Ben Aissa in a so-called “Swiss preventive detention program”. Riadh Ben Aissa’s detention without charges in a Bern-Switzerland prison in harsh conditions should exclusively apply to terrorists or dangerous criminals and not to a hard working family man. It violates the laws of the civilized world. We have referred the matter to a partner law firm from The Hague in The Netherlands.” adds Attorney Kourda.

“This is a unique case in Canadian and International Justice where a Canadian employee is jailed and falsely accused of crimes in a foreign country while his powerful employer and sponsor remains above the law in Canada. Riadh Benaissa’s arrest and imprisonment in Switzerland violate the standards of international law.” concludes Attorney Kourda.

“I sense in the Swiss Department of Justice’s decision to detain my brother a vendetta spirit born from Switzerland’s years of turmoil with the Kadhafi regime. Justice should in no way be used to settle political scores or to please a new regime.” says Dr. Rafik Benaissa who adds “I am consulting with my attorneys regarding a US Federal Court vs.an International Justice Tribunal. And By God I will fight this injustice in a court of law”.

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