Capital Internet in Atlanta, Georgia Announces Disaster Recovery Services to Restore Servers and Data Infrastructure Online as Quickly as Possible

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Protecting Your Company’s IT Hardware and Data from Natural Disasters

Capital Internet Data Center

Capital Internet is the longest continuously operating data center in Metro Atlanta.

Companies hit hard by recent weather-related catastrophes are reevaluating the location of their critical data and servers.

Businesses rely on their information systems to run their operations. If a data management system goes down due to flooding, fire or lengthy power outages from storms, blizzards, hurricanes, earthquakes, or other catastrophes, a company’s operations could be severely impaired or shut down completely.

It is critical to implement a reliable infrastructure for IT operations to minimize business disruption in the event of a disaster. This might mean moving existing servers to a data center in a geographic location that is less susceptible to natural disasters. A company might also look to outsource data needs if capital is limited and skyrocketing energy costs prohibit in-house data center expansion. Utilizing dedicated servers and virtual private servers (or cloud servers), a data center will provide and set up servers built to your exact specifications and lease them to the company.

Advantages of utilizing a data center, in addition to risk mitigation from natural disasters, also include lower costs and better performance than operating an in-house network. Disaster Recovery Services are available to get servers and data infrastructure back online as quickly as possible.

Hurricane Sandy, a 900-mile-wide superstorm left a devastating path of damage spanning 15 states with sustained hurricane-force winds of 80 mph and 13-foot flood tides, according to the National Hurricane Center.

An estimated 7.5 million people on the eastern seaboard lost power, forcing hundreds of thousands to evacuate as coastal towns were ravaged, transportation disrupted, tons of snow dumped by fierce storms, flooding rains, gale-force winds and fires destroyed homes and claimed over 100 lives. Thousands of homes and businesses are still without power.

The price of the damage from Sandy is epic: between $30 billion and $50 billion, according to EQECAT, a firm that provides catastrophe risk models for insurance and reinsurance industries. Unfortunately, the damage and disruption may not be over. With more inclement weather expected to hit the same region this week, attention is now focused on a new developing Nor'easter off the Southeast coast affecting the Northeast I-95 corridor, from the Poconos to the Catskills and New England.

Careful planning of your company’s IT hardware and data management operations in the event of a natural disaster can be the difference between your business completely shutting down or remaining active in times of a catastrophe like Sandy.

What is a Data Center
A colocation facility, which is also known as a data center, is a facility that provides a safe and secure environment for a company’s servers and other computing equipment. The colocation center or data center is equipped with clean, reliable and redundant power and cooling for the equipment.

Data centers often operate more cost-effectively because they serve multiple clients by housing servers from many companies and investing in more energy efficient hardware and technologies to keep equipment running 24/7.

One such company, Capital Internet, located in Atlanta, Georgia is the longest continuously operating data center in Metro Atlanta and has expanded to more than ten times their original data size since the company was founded more than 14 years ago. Unlike other data centers, Capital Internet owns and manages their own fiber optic network throughout the metro Atlanta area, providing better speeds at a great value.

Capital Internet now offers disaster recovery services to enable companies to quickly get their hardware and data up and running after a catastrophe strikes.

Disaster Recovery Services
Backing up and protecting your data is important, but it's also important to be able to quickly and easily recover that data for your business continuity in the event of a natural disaster. Capital Internet provides clients with an off-site backup and a location with space to get IT systems back up and working in a minimum of time. Capital Internet’s Backup and Recovery Solution is one of the easiest to use and most robust on the market and includes IT consulting work to help get servers and data infrastructure back online as quickly as possible.

Ease of Use
With Cloud Backup and Recovery Solution, you can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to recover lost data because it requires minimal user intervention, making it extremely reliable. You no longer have to worry about sick days or forgotten backups.

With Capital Internet’s Cloud Backup and Recovery solution, a company can pay as it grows. You only pay for the amount of data you need to protect in a month, however when you have more data to backup, your solution will grow with you. With Cloud Backup and Recovery, there are none of the fixed costs that you encounter with traditional backup solutions; the only factor that you need to consider is the amount of data you are going to backup.

Data Security
With Cloud Backup and Recovery, your data is fully encrypted from the point it leaves your systems, during data transfer and data storage, for maximum speed and efficiency, saving bandwidth. Capital Internet offers a secure environment in three locations in the country that minimizes any type of security breach and maintains high standards for assuring the integrity and functionality of hosted computer environment, accomplished through redundancy of both fiber optic cables and power, which includes emergency backup power generation. The on-site generator has not yet been needed but is kept maintained, and the uptime is 99.9%.

Capital Internet’s colocation solutions are customized to give you the perfect package; from a single server to a full rack or multiple racks and bandwidth from 1 Mbps to 100 Mbps and beyond. All colocation solutions include at least a 100 Mbps uplink with burstable bandwidth, so you have that extra speed for your busier server times without having to commit to a higher rate.

Capital Internet offers three different types of colocation: traditional colocation, managed colocation, and hybrid colocation. Traditional colocation is the most common platform; your servers are placed in our data center and managed by you and your team. With managed colocation, your servers are hosted in our data center and we manage them for you, acting as part of your IT team. With hybrid colocation, we help you develop a solution that is right for your company and may include multiple types of colocation, as well as dedicated servers and cloud servers. Our focus is on finding the best solution for you.

Colocation offers a number of advantages in time and cost savings. As your business grows, you can add more space as you need it, instead of investing in additional capital expenditures. You also save the time, trouble, and expense of hiring your own staff to operate and maintain your system. Capital Internet delivers lower cost and better performance than operating your network in-house. If you have a need to upgrade and your system is in-house, you will incur additional cost, either by training employees or by bringing-in outside consultants to help.

Dedicated Servers
Dedicated servers are built to your specifications by Capital Internet and leased to you on a 12-month basis. Each dedicated server is used exclusively by you. A dedicated server solution provides you with a dedicated IP address and full control of the server, including root level access. Dedicated servers let you defray the initial costs of new servers. Dedicated servers come with the level of managed hosting that works for you, with our team providing maintenance and upgrades as needed.

Cloud Servers
Cloud servers can be used for everything from web hosting and email hosting to software development. They can be set up quickly (usually within hours) and customized as your needs change, so you don’t have to wait for equipment to be purchased or moved. Cloud servers can be used as standalone servers or as part of your hybrid colocation solution. Besides the ability to quickly change the specifications of your cloud server, there is also the flexibility to choose whatever operating system and software your solution requires. The ultimate in flexibility, cloud servers come with burstable bandwidth, which means you have all of the speed you need for high demand times, without having to commit to higher levels of bandwidth. You maintain control over your server at all times with an easy to use web control panel, and if you need assistance, our friendly and expert support team is here to help.

At Capital Internet, cloud servers offer you the ultimate solution for scalable hosting. Due to the ability of cloud servers to be “turned up” and have their power increased, they are perfect for situations that require on-demand capacity as well as for business continuity and disaster recovery solutions.

If you are considering moving your company’s existing colocation site, expanding your data center, or establishing a disaster recovery plan, Capital Internet offers personalized solutions based on your specific needs and budgets.

For more information about Capital Internet’s disaster recovery services, please visit or call 404-531-0080.

About Capital Internet
Capital Internet is a state-of-the-art, secure and stable data center. Redundant power systems, environmental controls and fire suppression systems provide the physical security that you expect; with firewalls, DDoS attack mitigation, and business continuity solutions, we provide the electronic security that you deserve from a colocation data center.

Capital Internet has invested in its own fiber optic ring, delivering world class Internet connectivity to clients so they do not have to share traffic space on oversubscribed networks. The company was founded more than 14 years ago by providing colocation services, and now offers data center solutions well beyond traditional colocation. When we learned our clients needed dedicated servers, cloud servers, and other cloud solutions several years ago, we quickly expanded our service offerings.

With this expansion we also began offering hybrid colocation which allows our clients to combine traditional colocation with dedicated and cloud servers. Hybrid colocation provides the benefits of colocation along with the increased flexibilities of dedicated servers and cloud servers. Newly added services also include Disaster Recovery Services to help companies quickly get hardware and data up and running after natural disasters. Through strategic partnerships, we are also able to assist our clients with Security and Compliance, Data Center design and upgrades, as well as PCI and HIPAA requirements.

At Capital Internet, we are dedicated to providing personalized solutions for each client, and our mission is to provide every customer the best possible customer service experience. Today, with our expanded offerings, our focus remains on providing cost effective, efficient solutions based on the client’s specific needs and offering the best data center services and customer service. Whatever your data management needs are, Capital Internet has the solution that is right for.

Serving the industry for more than 14 years, Capital Internet has a team of skilled network engineers, techs and customer service personnel that will provide you with the expert assistance you deserve. Call 404-531-0080 today or go to


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