New Online Phenomenon Catches Fire Immediately Upon Release

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Zalman Notik, CEO of his own state-of-art website,, introduces a new approach to auctions, pennies, donations, and quality prizes. The popularity of the site blew up within it's first day of launch, and it's visitors, in the form of non-profit organizations and their bidders, have a lot to say.

Charity Tick

We auction off gifts that are of the highest quality. You would think that the prices would elevate to an astronomical level, as everyone is running to grab the prize and up their bid. But on our site, with our system, winning is made easy.

For all those people in search of an easy way to make a difference, Zalman Notik, founder of the new and innovative website, has found the solution.

"The economy is falling, and everyone is affected." Says Notik. "It isn't fair that some of our most worthy organizations are the first to feel the consequences. I've developed a website to change that." His website offers a unique and innovative approach to supporting these non-profit organizations. He says he has a particular interest in devoting himself to furthering education for the special needs. He acknowledges that everyone has the cause that they are most enthusiastic about, and his website is there to give a clear list of each charity so that people can choose whichever auction speaks to them.

"Everyone has their favorite charity, that's why Charitytick provides a host of options." His theory?

"Everyone loves a good auction. Most of the time though, people don't want to spend money without it going to a good cause. The proceeds on our auctions go directly to whichever organization strikes the bidder's fancy."

Bidders run a ridiculously low risk of losing, but losing becomes a win too, as they have only dropped a few cents in the bucket, and can be rest assured knowing that it went to a source in need of it.

Zalman says he makes certain that the prizes offered, going for up to 80% off, are only top-notch and brand-new. "We auction off gifts that are of the highest quality. You would think that the prices would elevate to an astronomical level, as everyone is running to grab the prize and up their bid. But on our site, with our system, winning is made easy."

Notik and his team have established a process where the bid can only rise one mere penny at a time. To top it all off, each item has a limited price tag, so that the bid can only rise up to the said amount.

Having been given this opportunity, founders of the sites's various organizations say they find their particular organization extremely lucky to have joined the team.

The variety of prizes are diverse and give people the feeling that they don't have to bid on the something in order to support the organization, but that they are choosing a specific item of choice, with the proceeds going in the right direction.

The feedback has been overwhelming. "If there is a site that is worthy of everyone's participation, it is It's where baby steps are making the biggest accumulative difference." enthuses Rabbi Moshe Feiglin, head of the Aliyah Institute.

Debbie R., bidder at Charitytick is passionate about devoting her time to Charitytick: "On the internet i usually feel like I'm wasting precious time. But on Charitytick, i can feel accomplished. Between shopping for quality sale items, supporting many important organizations, donating prizes, and bidding, it's multitasking at it's finest."

His site has been fitted with fun sample video tutorials and summaries of his mission, giving it's visitors a comprehensive guide to the process and gearing up their motivation for the intense and exciting road ahead.

Just seconds after the site launched, people were flooding in, signing up, and participating.

"There is no shortage of charities that need us." Notik informs us. "There are over 1 million of them in the U.S. alone! If i can help just one of them, i'll be happy. I feel privileged to have created a platform where i can help thousands of them, and eventually, together, we can help them ALL."

The United States recently ranked as 'Most Charitable Country in the World,' according to the Huffington Post, and a number of those are giving to countries outside of the U.S., anywhere from Africa, Sri Lanka, and Haiti, to Israel. Charitytick is there to help Americans find an organized outlet to channel their generosity in the direction of our crucial non-profit organizations.

An influx of charities have been flocking to his site. "They know where their support will come from. It's with us at"

Please visit our exclusive website at to sign your non-profit Organization to join our team or to start bidding on our prizes.

You can also call 1(646)-300-6131 for our ready-to-help customer service team.

Additionally, you can email support(at) with any questions or comments.

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