Lorna Kleidman, Kettlebells Fitness Instructor, Supports Study of Gym-Style Exercise Improving Health and Brain Functionality

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A study observing the benefits of Gym-style exercise found that general health in middle age improved significantly as well as brain functionality. Lorna Kleidman, kettlebells fitness instructor and creator of KettleX, supports the study’s findings and offers insight in middle age physical fitness.

On November 12, Lorna Kleidman, kettlebells instructor and creator of KettleX, responds to an article published by Medical News Today which reports that a study researching the effects of gym-style exercise found that middle age health and brain functionality improved significantly. Kleidman supports the findings of the study and contributes insight to middle age physical fitness.

As reported in Medical News Today, “the study, conducted by the Montreal Heart Institute (MHI), with the University of Montreal, and the Montreal Geriatric University Institute, found that cognitive ability improved significantly in a group of six middle-aged people with increased cardiovascular risk who followed a four-month program of high intensity interval training combined with resistance training.”

In an interview with Medical News Today, Anil Nigam, chief of clinical care at MHI and of the University of Montreal, says, “Our participants underwent a battery of cognitive, biological and physiological tests before the program began in order to determine their cognitive functions, body composition, cardiovascular risk, brain oxygenation during exercise and maximal aerobic capacity.”

Cognitive tests such memory and thinking exercises were used to determine the range of the study’s impact on middle age subjects, reports Medical News Today. According to Medical News Today, VO2max, a measurement of the “body's ability to take in, transport, and use oxygen during physical exertion”, impacts cognitive function and was considered a contributing factor of the study’s results.

“Cognitive function, VO2max and brain oxygenation during exercise testing revealed that the participants' cognitive functions had greatly improved thanks to the exercise," stated Nigam. "We also found that their VO2max, insulin sensitivity had increased significantly, in tandem with their score on the cognitive tests and the oxygenation signals in the brain during exercise."

At the end of the program, reports Medical News Today, the study participants “also had smaller waists and less fat mass around the trunk of the body.”

Lorna Kleidman, creator of the popular kettlebells program KettleX, commented on the study favorably stating, “This study attributes to many years of hard work for trainers and their trainees. The middle aged community is always looking for solid evidence to validate that the time and effort they devote to fitness is worthwhile.”

Kleidman added that, “Fitness is not just a scientific experiment. Getting or staying in shape should be a lifestyle and a passion. The benefits of fitness will always superseed the effects of ignoring the body’s needs.”

Lorna Kleidman is a Three-Time World Champion and World Record holder in kettlebell sport and the most decorated kettlebell athlete in the country. She came up with the innovated methods that are used in KettleX as a means to bring the benefits of the bells to everyone in an easy to use, comprehensive and fun format. Lorna has been teaching individuals and group classes for the past six years.

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