Why Are Personal Injury Claims on the Rise?

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Personal injury claims for compensation have been on the rise in recent years, which is why Ganderton Solicitors took it upon themselves to find out why.

Personal Injury Claims

Ganderton Solicitors

Over the past few years, personal injury claims have been on the rise. These can range from small scale accidents that leave a person with some discomfort, to sometimes serious and even fatal injuries. All of which can lead to a personal injury claim for compensation, but why is this happening so much more now than it used to? This article from Ganderton Solicitors is going to explore the rise in personal injury claims in hope of shedding some light on their recent popularity boon.

What is a personal Injury Claim?

Before expanding on the ‘why’s’ and ‘how’s’ of the rise in personal injury claims, it need to be specified as to just what one is. A personal injury claim can be made when someone experiences an injury, with a lasting consequence. However, a claim is only possible if it can be proven that it was not the claimant’s fault that they got injured in the first place. The responsibility has to lie with another party. It could be through their neglect of a warning (i.e. a lack of a wet floor sign) or a direct disregard for safety (i.e. not being provided with sufficient safety equipment to carry out a task). A claim is not eligible to be made if an injury occurs in a public place, but it was the claimant’s fault – a common misconception.

The exact amount of compensation that can be obtained is impossible to list without looking in to a case. This is because the severity of the injury determines how much compensation the claimant could be entitled to. This is measured based on the initial pain/discomfort that the injury caused, how long the injury will last, any loss of earnings and etc. Each case is unique in a number of varying factors.

Media Coverage of Previous Success

One reason that these kinds of claims have become so popular is the media coverage that the industry has been exposed to. Personal injury claims are always being made against larger companies, providing large payouts. This kind of attention hasn’t gone unnoticed as the media has covered it extensively. This specific coverage of successful claims has lead to a lot more people becoming aware of the procedure. With more people being aware of personal injury claims, naturally there will be more people to get the idea to make a claim should a similar incident happen to them.

The Market Has Grown

As with most industries, the market for making personal injury claims has expanded and grown in recent years. Ganderton Solicitors for example, has been growing and expanding for a number of years now. With more solicitors made available to the public comes more advertising. This has lead to a more dominant presence in the marketing field, reaching more people. It is inevitable that with the growth, there was always going to be an increased number of people applying for personal injury claims.

Introduction of ‘No win no fee’ personal Injury Claims

One of the reasons that the market has grown so much in recent years is down to this simple slogan. No Win No Fee. A lot of companies are now offering no win no fee compensation claims as an incentive to take out a claim. This drove thousands more applicants forward to take out claims, and for good reason. If there’s a chance to get compensation for an accident a person suffered, and they don’t have to pay to find out if they’re eligible, then people have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

There’s a Lot of Money Up For Grabs

The sheer scope of the market and the capital that some companies have has led to there being quite a large prize for winning a claim in some cases. An injury can happen to anyone, at any time. Anyone could be entitled to compensation for their suffering, regardless of their current financial situation. Obviously it depends on the severity of the injury but there is potentially a lot of money to be gained from a personal injury claim and this has attracted a lot of attention.

To put it another way – If someone suffered an injury, then they would be less likely to pursue a compensation claim if the end reward wasn’t worthwhile. Due to the process being lengthy in some cases, a lot of people might be put off going through that much hassle for little reward. Fortunately, that generally isn’t the case in today’s society and obtaining compensation when someone’s suffered can be quite lucrative in the long run.

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