Little Known Secrets for Dating Men, Not Boys Revealed

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After interviewing and working with hundreds of women, Relationship and Dating Mentor Barry Paul Price kept hearing the same thing, "Why do men today all act like boys?" Barry's brand new "Date Men, Not Boys" Formula helps a woman tell a man from a boy, and find the man she really deserves. His upcoming November 15th free training call, "5 Simple Secrets to Date MEN, Not Boys: How To Tell The Men From The Boys And Get The Supportive, Strong & Secure Man You Deserve!" shares his simple formula with women everywhere.

I'm tired of dating men who turn out to be boys.

How would you like to have a man who appreciated, honored and respected you? Are you tired of guys who are selfish but still expect you to take care of them? Do you wish you could find a man who was confident in himself, had his stuff together, and wasn't afraid of commitment and responsibility? When it comes to attracting a man who really deserves us most women haven't had any luck yet. Many women are committed to finding a serious relationship. They want to have a strong, supportive man to share their life with, but can't seem to cut through all the obstacles, games and problems that get in the way of finding the "right one."    

Barry Paul Price, the relationship mentor who gets women the love they deserve, has the secret to telling the difference between a man and a boy, and getting guys in a relationship to step up and act like men. He says women today are struggling to find men who are their equals, both financially and emotionally. Across the country, successful, confident women are finding men who are insecure and immature. Some women have just about given up on dating, while others have settled for men they know don't deserve them. Barry was one of these boys himself, until something he calls "The Moment" happened and stepped-up and became a man. Since then, he has used his training as a life coach to help women find a man of their own, or get their guy to step up and become a man. He has developed the "Date Men, Not Boys"™ Formula, which radically changes the type of guys a woman attracts, dates and gets into relationships with.

"It all revolves around the 5 M's of the formula, the 5 steps that change your relationship with yourself thereby change you relationships with men " Barry says. "You have probably already tried dating online and offline, being set up by friends, maybe even taking a break from dating and focusing on yourself, or marrying but ending up divorcing. And you've probably tried using dating advice from friends and books about love, but you still don't have the relationship you want and deserve. I can teach you to become attractive to the right man, to be ready for a healthy relationship with a man who loves you for being yourself, and to invite someone into your life who will always be there for you."

His teleseminar, "5 Simple Secrets to Date MEN, Not Boys: How To Tell The Men From The Boys And Get The Supportive, Strong & Secure Man You Deserve!" set for November 15 at 8:30pm EST, 5:30pm PST, is free with limited availability. You'll need to sign up fast! When you do, you'll learn to tell the difference between a man and a boy (before you date him), make the mindset shift that mature men agree attracts them, get the right man to find you with the nine key environments that guarantee meeting a man, not a boy, and much, much more.

"I've helped women break their pattern of attracting the wrong man and instead for them to get the man that they always wanted, just by applying the Date Men, Not Boys™ 5-step formula again-and-again. And now I've got it down to a science! My simple formula works like magic. Not knowing this used to cost my clients years of heartache, broken marriages, divorce lawyers, painful failed relationships, and often tens-of-thousands of dollars paying the bills for boys who let their woman carry the entire financial load. But I'm going to teach my formula to you so you can save yourself thousands of dollars, not to mention years of tears, heartbreak and doubt. I wish I'd known this system when, as a boy, I watched my single Mom struggle with these same problems. Now that I've discovered a way to help women, I'm determined to offer it to any woman ready to make a big change in this area of her life."

Barry has an incredible record for success. Just ask his clients, many of whom were stuck settling for guys who really didn't appreciate or deserve them. That is, until they met Barry.

One separated, sophisticated client recently broke her lifelong pattern of getting involved with men who were emotionally unavailable to her. In no time she was happier than ever and began attracting men who respected and honored her with their whole heart.

When another client had her heart broken by a man she thought she was going to marry, but who turned out to be a boy, she fell into a depression until working with Barry. She had given up on finding a man, but soon she regained her confidence (we call it "mojo") and was attracting men who were a better, healthier fit for her than anyone she had ever dated before.

In the process these women learned to love and respect themselves in a way designed to evoke love and respect from quality men. If you feel you have been unlucky with men, guess what? It's not about waiting to get lucky. It's about making a choice. Here's your chance to make that choice.

Check out 5 Simple Secrets to Date MEN, Not Boys: How To Tell The Men From The Boys And Get The Supportive, Strong & Secure Man You Deserve! on Thursday, November 15th, 5:30pm (PST) / 8:30pm (EST). Here's the link to sign up…
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