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Data Clarity solution cracks tough problems in Big Data and real-time information processing

“Visual Analytics can deliver what we call a ‘fusion’ capability to help access, organize, process, present, and report on data,” Westphal summarized.

Chris Westphal, co-founder and chief executive officer of Visual Analytics Inc., recently granted an exclusive interview to the Arnold Information Technology Search Wizards Speak series to discuss the development of a suite of technology that makes it possible for any organization to find specific nuggets of information in the rushing Big Data Stream. The full text of the interview is available at http://www.arnoldit.com/search-wizards-speak/visual-analytics.html.

Big Data—digital information—clogs networks and contains valuable insights which are usually hard to access and can add significantly to computing costs. Visual Analytics provides a solution called Data Clarity that can be implemented quickly and tailored to the analytical needs of investigative teams within an organization or government agency. The system federates information from a variety of sources, and it provides a point-and-click solution that gets users up and running without the lengthy and complex installation and configuration processes some systems require.

“Visual Analytics develops technologies to discover patterns, trends, anomalies, and inconsistencies in data to help improve the fundamental core processes associated with organizations, businesses, and government operations,” Westphal said. “Using a data-centric framework enables our systems to elevate insight, expand knowledge, measure risk, and continually identify opportunities to implement change.”

In 1998, founders and executive team saw a significant need within the intelligence, law enforcement, and commercial communities to find better ways to access, share, analyze, and report on their data. Today, VAI’s tools are delivering unprecedented results to the analytical community and satisfying their need for better, faster, and cheaper alternatives for data analysis and investigative support.

Stephen E. Arnold, Managing Director of Arnold Information Technology and publisher of the influential search industry blog Beyond Search, said, “Visual Analytics’ approach reduces deployment time and costs. The company’s commitment to easy-to-understand interfaces and open technology has contributed to the success of the company.”

“Visual Analytics can deliver what we call a ‘fusion’ capability to help access, organize, process, present, and report on data,” Westphal summarized.

What sets Visual Analytics apart is the company’s approach to a Big Data problem. “We are problem driven,” Westphal said. “One of the most important areas we have found that separates us from much of our competition is the ability to deliver actual “analytics” to our end-user clients. It is not simply running a query looking for specific values or graphically showing the contents of a spreadsheet. Our approach is to exploit the patterns and behaviors that are hidden within the structures and volumes of the data we are accessing.”

The company’s goal now is to create ways to discover new processes and apply them in operational environments to help combat fraud, terrorism, and crime. As client needs change, VAI adapts the research engineers’ work to real-world challenges.

“A few years ago, Visual Analytics’ technology was used in law enforcement and intelligence applications. Today, the company is experiencing strong growth because commercial enterprises recognize that Big Data has value. Visual Analytics approach is one of the leaders in this fast-growing sector,” Arnold said.

The full text of the interview is available at http://www.arnoldit.com/search-wizards-speak/visual-analytics.html.

More information about Visual Analytics is available at http://www.visualanalytics.com.

About Stephen E. Arnold, ArnoldIT

Stephen E. Arnold is a technology and financial analyst with more than thirty years of experience. In addition to “Google: The Digital Gutenberg,” he is the author of more than 50 journal articles and a number of other books, including “Internet 2000” and the first three editions of the 600-page encyclopedia of search called “The Enterprise Search Report.” His newest study of enterprise search, “The New Landscape of Enterprise Search: A Critical Review of the Market and Search Systems,” was published by Pandia in Oslo, Norway, in May 2011. Visit Beyond Search at http://www.arnoldit.com/wordpress for more information.

About Visual Analytics

Since 1998 Visual Analytics Inc. (VAI) is a leading provider of information sharing and visual data mining products. VAI is focused on providing unparalleled capabilities to analyze and derive important patterns from complex data using state-of-the-art technologies. VAI serves domestic and international government organizations and commercial businesses involved in enterprise-level information sharing and analytics, including the intelligence community, law enforcement agencies, homeland security organizations, financial markets and anti-fraud organizations. Visual Analytics Inc. has remained focused on our primary mission – delivering superior pattern discovery solutions for every organization.

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