High Fat Foods can Reduce Blood Flow by 15-20%

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Project for Natural Health Choices Inc. issues recommendations to prevent diminished blood flow based on results of a study where researchers discovered damage to the arteries from high fat meals can begin much faster than many people realize.

Fort Lauderdale, FL: In order to prevent health complications that arise as a result of diminished blood flow, the Project for Natural Health Choices Inc. recommends following a diet with a minimal amount of high fat foods. The findings of a recent study conducted at the University of Calgary and presented at the 2012 Canadian Cardiovascular Congress on October 31st prove that just one high fat meal can reduce blood flow by as much as 20% which could take up to 24 hours to normalize. Thus damage to the arteries from high fat meals can begin much faster than many people realize.

Although there has been considerable research correlating high fat diets to the development of atherosclerosis (a narrowing of the arteries) which in turn leads to a higher risk of stroke and heart attack, the Canadian study is one of the first to demonstrate how fast high fat food can harm your body immediately after consumption.

By measuring the blood flow in the arms of subjects after eating high fat meals and with empty stomachs, the researchers discovered that the subjects’ blood flow diminished by 15-20% within two hours of eating the high fat foods. They note that their flow returned to a normal state within twenty four hours. However, it makes a strong case for how much damage can be done long term by eating high fat foods.

In the study, the subjects consumed two breakfast sandwiches with a total of 50 grams of fat to represent a high fat meal. According to researcher Dr. Todd Anderson: “I won't say don't ever have a breakfast sandwich. But enough of a diet like that, and you can see how you can build up fat in the walls of your arteries.”

For those interested in maintaining a healthy heart, this study gives a strong reason to make a commitment to eating a healthy diet with a minimal amount of high fat foods.

It would be wise to avoid consuming entire meals considered to have extremely high fat content. Meals like fried fish and chips, hamburger and fries, fried chicken, or even just a milkshake may contain over 90 grams of fat (as much as a stick of butter!). Salads could potentially contain over 50 grams of fat if they are dressed in creamy sauces with toppings such as cheese and bacon.

The Project for Natural Health Choices Inc. is a natural health company that wants to help people improve their health through natural methods such as natural dietary supplements, exercise, and other natural therapies. To learn more about the Project for Natural Health Choices Inc. and “The Bill of American Health Rights" petition that people can sign to protect their constitutional right to employ natural health practices that include the use of and access to natural health products, supplements, and therapies, go to http://www.naturalhealthchoicesproject.com/petition/.

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