A New Approach and a - NeuView - Treating PTSD

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Untreated PTSD is a prime contributor to the "One A Day" suicide rate in our U.S. Military. The difficulties involved in accessing treatment has meant that most veterans have received little, if any, help in healing their deep psychological wounds. NeuView Glasses are a self-help tool that lower anxiety and can help someone with PTSD.

"Clearly, we don't have and we won't have, eonough mental health personnel to deal with this problem in a meaningful way."

"The problem is huge and it's not going away - and unless we are prepared to address it more aggressively and creatively, it's only going to get worse." That's Robert Buck, psychotherapist and inventor of NeuView Glasses, talking to a colleague about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

And the problem is huge - with the Sidran Institute reporting that more than 13 million Americans are suffering with PTSD. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have taken, and continue to take, an enormous toll on our young men and women stationed there. It is estimated that more than 30% of them will return with PTSD.

"Clearly" Buck goes on to say, "we don't have and we won't have, enough mental health personnel to address this problem in any meaningful way. And, while medications have helped some they have only compounded the problem for others. We can't just pop another pill and believe everything will be ok in the morning."

So, where are we to look and what can we hope to find that will help?

Buck and his colleague, Sid Kalcheim, have worked with scores of PTSD sufferers through the years - both are convinced that, at least part of, the answer is to be found in their NeuView Glasses.
Based upon the Harvard Medical School research of Dr. Fredric Schiffer, the NeuView Glasses provide a safe, simple, and non-pharmacological way of increasing neuronal activity in either of the brain's hemispheres.

According to Buck, "With PTSD the brain's ability to accurately perceive reality is sorely compromised. This is a result of an impaired ability of the brain's hemispheres to communicate with one another. With the glasses, we are able to selectively stimulate the hemispheres helping to restore the balance needed in order to accurately process and integrate information from the outside world. So for someone with PTSD the clanking noise of a garbage truck driving over a manhole cover can be recognized to be just that - and not interpreted as an I.E.D. that's about to explode and rip their Humvee apart back in Kabul."

NeuView Glasses can be used as a part of a formal therapy process - but, because they are safe, direct and non-invasive they can also be used as a self-help tool. And they are available - without an appointment - 24/7/365 days of the year.

In order to be able to make the glasses available to the public they will need to obtain FDA approval. A team of top neuro-researchers at Harvard's McLean Hospital have written the protocol and look forward to conducting the required study.

Buck and Kalcheim are hoping that they can finance this research through the http://www.indiegogo.com/neuviewPTSD crowd funding program they have just launched.

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