Center for Hispanic Leadership to Offer Culturally Relevant Training to United States Government Leaders and Elected Officials

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U.S. Government Must Work More Effectively with U.S. Hispanics to Enable the Creation of Economic Development and Global Competitiveness Programs

Center for Hispanic Leadership

Center for Hispanic Leadership

Our goal is to offer Hispanic Training Center as a much needed educational resource to help bridge the cultural intelligence gap that has carried severe implications for the reinvention of the U.S. economy and America’s global competitiveness.

On the heels of President Barack Obama’s re-election and the decisive impact of Hispanic voters, the Center for Hispanic Leadership (CHL) will be offering culturally relevant training to government officials across America via access to its online interactive video-based educational platform: Hispanic Training Center (HTC). HTC is the first and only online training center designed to accelerate the advancement of Hispanics in America – both directly and by helping non-Hispanics learn how to more effectively lead, sell to and engage with Hispanics. According to CHL Founder, Glenn Llopis, “The election validated that the rapidly changing demographic shift is vibrant and ready to help rebuild America. However, the election made us all aware that most United States government leaders and elected officials are not educated enough about Hispanics, as voters, consumers, and small business owners. My goal is to offer Hispanic Training Center as a much needed educational resource to help bridge the cultural intelligence gap that has carried severe implications for the reinvention of the U.S. economy and America’s global competitiveness. CHL is ready to provide a solution to this leaking bucket.”

CHL research also reveals that many United States corporations have been slow to provide culturally relevant educational tools to help their Latino employees lead in the workplace and advance in their careers. As such, CHL has recently partnered with Fortune 500 corporations in support of Hispanic Training Center. As CHL Director of Client Relations, Annette Prieto-Llopis, notes, “Our goal is to partner with organizations in both the private and public sectors. Hispanics are underserved in professional development that focuses on and leverages our cultural heritage. Non-Hispanics are equally uneducated about Hispanics in America, thus making it difficult for them to optimally serve this fast growing workforce – one whose identity and unique skills are synonymous with and enabled by their cultural values.. The Presidential campaigns and the factors that led to its evitable outcome made it clear that the same challenges exist in the government sector; it’s a time-sensitive imperative that must be quickly addressed.”    

In his recent Harvard Business Review blog titled, “Obama and Romney Are Ignoring Hispanic Voters,” Mr. Llopis predicted the outcome when he stated, “The Presidential candidates’ actions to mislead Hispanic voters has given America’s corporations equal reason to ignore the Hispanic community. For example, many brands that have made unsuccessful and unprofitable attempts to market to Hispanic consumers using inauthentic tactics have now decided to lump Hispanics into what they call ‘total market’ strategies. Unfortunately, this total market strategy approach completely ignores the rapidly-escalating economic impact of Hispanics, whose purchasing power is estimated to reach $1.5 trillion by 2015, according to a recent Nielsen report. Additionally, corporations are not doing enough to create strategic alliances with Hispanic small business owners who are growing at twice the rate of the national average (generating over $350 billion in annual revenue, according to the 2010 Census).”

CHL believes that in order to stimulate economic development and market share gains with the Hispanic community, government and business must: 1) make a commitment to become more culturally intelligent, 2) think of the Hispanic community as a profit center (investment) to drive innovative growth and policy introductions, and 3) hold all Hispanics accountable to elevate their skills and capabilities as employees, job creators and leaders.

For more information on putting these three goals into action, please contact CHL Corporate Director of Client Relations Annette Prieto-Llopis at aprieto(at), CHL Ohio Chapter President Rafi Rodriguez at rafi(at), or CHL Atlanta Chapter President Marisa Salcines at marisa(at)

About Center for Hispanic Leadership
CHL is the only Hispanic talent and business development institute of its kind. CHL is designed to create awareness of Hispanic leadership in today's fiercely competitive global marketplace. CHL helps Hispanics leverage their heritage to discover their full potential in their careers as authentic leaders and small business owners.

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