Hassan Bawab, CEO of Magic Logix Contributes to Industry Innovation and Research

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Hassan Bawab, CEO of Magic Logix, contributes to industry leading A/B testing research methodology development regarding conversion rate optimization for websites, and is recognized and publicly thanked by fellow industry leader, co-founder of London, Seattle, and NYC based Distilled.net.

Conversion Rate Optimization Testing

“Magic Logix pays especially careful attention to the A/B testing phase of the beta testing of any website we develop or design, and is committed the furtherance of industry research,” says Bawab, CEO of Magic Logix.

Conversion Rate Optimization Research

Hassan Bawab, Founder and CEO of Magic Logix global digital marketing agency, is thanked in the industry research write up by Will Critchlow entitled Why your CRO tests fail. Hassan provided valuable insights into A/B testing from Magic Logix’s work with Fortune 500 clients and other large companies over the years since its inception in 1999.

Conversion Rate Optimization is a hot topic in digital marketing because the more conversions a website or digital marketing activity drives, the more revenue the business sees.

Will Critchlow, Co-Founder of Distilled.net, turned to a number of industry leaders including Hassan Bawab, during his research into increasing the effectiveness of A/B testing to maximize conversion rate optimization. Hassan is known for his mastery of digital marketing including the insights and intricacies of A/B testing that make the difference between good sites, and excellent sites, and speaks on the topic frequently at industry conferences and events.

Challenge: Find Solution to Problem with False Common Basic Assumption

The research discovered that while A/B testing a given site, most tests run with the basic assumption that the blend of traffic will be distributed evenly among the A and B variants, such that differences in traffic categories will not affect the accuracy of the results. Traffic categories include traffic from different sources. For example, in Critchlow’s case, he tested with traffic from a blend of email campaigns and referrals. The conversion rates of traffic from email marketing campaigns were significantly higher.

Solution: Run Multiple Trials, Longer Trials, and Only Accept Trials where As and Bs Converge

Critchlow concludes based on his research along with Hassan and select other industry leaders’ advice, that if the tester discovers meaningful differences in assumed to be the same traffic sources, or any other variable, there are a few ways to compensate that if done together, work quite well. The ways are: running multiple tests for longer periods(8X or longer in the case of the traffic differential), setting up the sample sizes to ensure that categories of variables are as equal as possible, and only accepting trials where the sample size is large enough for the variance not to be an issue as indicated by A and B trials converging.

Based on the research and advice of Bawab et al., Critchlow developed sample code for using multiple As and Bs in AB testing as described above. Critchlow also recommends using the Django A/B testing plugin based on his work with Mat at Mixcloud.

“Magic Logix pays especially careful attention to the A/B testing phase of the beta testing of any website we develop or design, or any digital marketing effort on which we are able to perform A/B tests, and are committed the furtherance of industry research,” says Bawab, CEO of Magic Logix.

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