New Ad Search Engine Seeks Partnership With Apple

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New online start-up, NooberMEDIA, an advertisement search engine, looks to partner with tech empire, Apple.

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The key with an Apple partnership is to use their visibility, guidance and resources to fully capitalize on our potential, monetarily and fundamentally speaking, while creating a new avenue of financial success for Apple. It's a win-win.

Just fifteen days after launching, NooberMEDIA – the world’s premiere advertisement search engine – is looking to go big time. And why shouldn’t it? NooberMEDIA is in a prime position to turn heads, as it’s already doing. NooberMEDIA is getting great feedback and tallying the kind of hype and results that they expected they would receive. The search engine is tallying nearly 1,500 Twitter followers, per day, and generating general public and financial [investor] interest.

Where NooberMEDIA sees galactic cash signs is from the possibility of going big. And by big, Noober’ means Apple big! Yep, the two-week-old search engine plans to approach Apple with a partnership that could add tens, if not hundreds, of billions in revenue for the tech giant. “The key with an Apple partnership is to use their visibility, guidance and resources to fully capitalize on our potential, monetarily and fundamentally speaking, while creating a new avenue of financial success for Apple. It's a win-win.” NooberMEDIA Founder & CEO, Brian Parker, said. NooberMEDIA’s function is to help companies and corporations move (sell) products and services. The ad search engine was conceived in September of 2011, when Brian approached the corporations’ current Product Design Manager, Derek Muller, with an idea to build the world’s largest “ecomulator”.

“An ecomulator is a conjunctive term that I phrased to explain my vision for an economic stimulator. I simply joined the words and came up with eco-mulator or ecomulator.” Brian said. Brian has said his thought process is to act as a one-stop-advertisement-shop that would stimulate global movement of products and services, and keep it paced, consistently. NooberMEDIA believes this kind of system is the future of online advertisement. Why? There is a growing sentiment that indirect advertisement (ad banners, ad inventory’s, mobile ads, etc.) isn’t working. Partnering with Apple would give NooberMEDIA exposure to resources and nurturing that would catapult the corporation into the stratosphere of the online world with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and monster giant, Google.

On the flipside, Apple would be in a position to get a leg up on the typical online advertisement sector. NooberMEDIA expects to tally some 50 million visitors, per week, by the end of 2013. It also expects to have over 1,000 big to mid-size companies and corporations in its ad database, by the end of 2013. “If each visitor averages clicking on 20 QA’s [Quick Ads], NooberMEDIA could see one billion views of QA’s, per week, by the end of 2013. We're talking about actual ad views, not random page views that end up being useless for advertisers. We're talking about interested consumers clicking on personal interests.” states the CEO. NooberMEDIA could charge a flat fee per each account or per view (of Quick Ad). If they charge as low as 20 cents per view, NooberMEDIA could be seeing as little as $200 million, per week, in revenue. If they charge a flat fee they could be seeing mega-billions. By the way, NooberMEDIA expects over 250 million visitors, per week, by the end of 2014. The revenue-potential is nearly incomprehensible for the future.

Another reason for Apple to opt with a minority partnership is that NooberMEDIA is only getting started. “We have a pre-determined date for filing for an Initial Public Offering. We have two other advertisement ventures that could be far more successful than online advertisement, if that’s hard to believe. We expect to make tens of billions from direct advertisement, online, but our operating costs will likely be between 11 and 12 figures when we take on the latter ventures. We’ll need investments from the public at that time.” Brian said.

In the meantime, NooberMEDIA will continue to evolve the website. “We don’t view, at all, on internet explorer. If you’re on the windows browser [IE] you’re likely seeing a distorted site. We created NooberMEDIA on an OS, essentially for the OS (Safari). It views pretty well in Chrome, too, Google’s slickest browser to date. We need to evolve the product to re-route, accordingly. That’s another reason for Apple to opt with us; we could easily act as a one-stop-shop for Apple devices and accessories. Can you imagine Apple allowing only one advertisement app on iPad’s, iPhone’s and etc? I can. We should have our iPhone app on the market by late Spring, early Summer.” said the CEO.

NooberMEDIA is proud of their product, and is looking for a huge holiday. “We worked really hard to get the site up and running for the holidays, roughly between the week of Thanksgiving and Christmas. We hope to see some five million visitors to the site, starting the week of Thanksgiving. Of that volume, we hope to see over five million visitors for Black Friday and an average of 20 ad views, per visitor, per day. That could tally somewhere around 500 million ad views, per week. Now, imagine what this number will look like with 20 million visitors. How about 50 million visitors, by the end of 2013?” Brian, proudly, states.

Nonetheless, Apple is Apple: big, spectacular, and ever evolving. The key will be for Apple to see the dollar sense and imagine the endless possibility of a rising corporation [NooberMEDIA] that sees itself becoming the end-all-be-all of online advertisement inside of the next five years. “My hope is that Apple responds, sooner, rather than later, and we find ourselves with a Super Bowl commercial and three-year incubation minority deal, within the next few weeks. They have that kind of power, you know? Broad sweeping!” said the hopeful CEO.

The ball is in Apple’s court.

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