Power4Patriots Offers its Top 10 Bug-Out Bag “Musts”

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On the heels of Sandy, a nor’easter hit the East Coast earlier this week. If the next calamity to strike is so severe that it causes people to evacuate immediately, how long would it take them to gather the items that would help them survive? Power4Patriots has some suggestions for those who want to be proactive.

When residents are told to evacuate an area as a storm approaches – as they were on the East Coast when Sandy was still out over the Atlantic Ocean recently – they usually have enough time to gather the things they want to take with them. Of course, if they are missing some of those items, trips to various stores delay the process.

In an effort to help people be better prepared for that possibility, and to put them in a position where even an immediate evacuation can be handled without panic, Power4Patriots is offering a Top 10 list of items to include in a Bug-Out Bag. Keeping this type of bag in a closet near the front door will give homeowners and apartment dwellers the peace of mind of knowing that if they are forced to leave in a big rush, they’ll have some emergency supplies that could help them survive a disaster, at least for those crucial first few days.

Following is Power4Patriots’ new list of Top 10 Bug-Out Bag “Musts”:    

1)    Water. Nobody will last too long without this essential item. A minimum amount per day would be two quarts.
2)    Food. Energy bars and freeze-dried food should do the trick for a few days.
3)    Shelter. A ground tarp is nearly as important as the tent or tarp used for covering. A sleeping bag is preferable if there’s room.
4)    Clothing. Boots or sturdy shoes, long pants, long underwear, a couple of shirts, a hat, a jacket and a bandana are necessities.
5)    First-Aid Kit. Building one’s own kit is better than a pre-packaged kit, making sure it contains medicines, vitamins, hand sanitizer, bug repellent and sun block.
6)    Basic Gear. A flashlight and batteries, rain gear, at least a couple of ways to make fire, a cooking pot, and a survival knife will probably all come in handy.
7)    Weapons. A walking stick or survival knife might be all that are needed. Some prefer a firearm.
8)    A File Folder filled with maps, travel information and IDs. A disaster plan should include locations of emergency centers, evacuation routes, and cell phone numbers of family members and friends.
9)    Small Tool Kit, including a hammer and nails, screwdriver, wrench, etc.
10)    Crank-Operated Radio. In an emergency, this might be the only link to announcements regarding where aid is available and other important information.

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