Elite Athlete Cites Shakeology as Contributor to Success

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The Shake Review announces Spartan Racer Relies on Popular Nutrition Supplement to Bolster Athletic Performance

Just thinking of a Spartan race elicits the image of rigorously self-disciplined warriors of ancient Greece. It comes as no surprise, then, that modern-day Spartan races –though athletic rather than military—emphasize pushing the envelope. Conducted worldwide, these challenging physical competitions require arduous physical training, including austere eating.

Spartan racer Chris Azzari embraces both aspects of race preparation. “Many people fear,” he says, “that a shake can’t support the needs of a body in training. But using shakes as part of your eating can really give you the competitive edge.

In preparation for his most recent Super Spartan race, Azzari works out vigorously daily, using various workout programs, including the Insanity Workout and P90X. “The prevailing ‘wisdom,’” he says, “is that shakes don’t give the nutritional support demanded by strenuous exercise. And that couldn’t be farther from the truth.”

Skeptics cite that Shakeology is a multi-level marketing scam. “While it’s true that it’s not available in stores,” Azzari states, “there’s nothing shady about it at all. Really, Beach Body LLC wanted to be sure that these high-quality shakes are sold only by fitness professionals well-educated in the relationship between nutrition and optimal body function. It’s not another Slim-Fast—though it can be used very successfully for weight loss—it’s an important tool in the arsenal of the athlete.”

Shakeology stands apart from other nutrition shakes in that it is low-glycemic. “The carbohydrates it contains,” Chris states, “are slowly released into the bloodstream. There’s no sudden peak in blood sugar, which is terrific for the athlete. Why? Because a peak is always followed by a plummet.” The slow, steady release of energy provides the athlete in training with the energy necessary to complete a workout. “And while it’s not another Slim-Fast,” Azzari admits, “this also makes Shakeology a good meal replacement for those who are trying to lose weight.”

Composed of over 70 ingredients, Shakeology shakes are nutritionally impressive. The carbohydrates they contain are from healthy plant sources that also provide important ezymes and phytonutrients. This means that Shakeology shakes not only provide enough energy, but also the micronutrients—the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants—we need to maintain good health.” The carbohydrates are nicely balanced by the proteins necessary for the growth and maintenance of the body’s cells. “For athletes, this is really important,” Azzari says. “Rigorous exercise creates micro-tears in muscles; when these tiny injuries are repaired, we see muscle gain.”

After a vigorous workout, Azzari suggests a Shakeology shake. “It’s a quick meal that goes down easily at a time when your body needs to be replenished.” He notes that there are myriad ways to modify the basic shake to meet your body’s needs. “Adding a banana is great, because not only replenishes your carbohydrate stores at a time when your body can best utilize them, but because it gives a blast of potassium, a mineral depleted during exercise by perspiration.”

Azzari invites those interested in the relationship between vigorous exercise such as P90X and the Insanity Workout and the complete, high-quality nutrition provided by Shakeology to visit http://theshakereview.com/shakeology-and-insanity-and-p90x/. “Really,” he says, “this product has been instrumental in my athletic success—and I would love to share my success with others.”

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