Florida Real Estate Brokerage Introduces Real Estate Buying Service to Help Home Owners Who Want to Sell in Seven Days

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Advanced Realty Team introduces new buyer service for Pasco County Home Owners who want to sell their homes in seven days. Shifts emphasis to one stop service to educate home sellers to the many ways to sell a home today.

to offer a one-stop service to educate the home owners to the many way they can sell a house fast and easy

Advanced Realty Team yesterday announced it had begun a “Home Buyer Service for People Who Want to Sell Houses in Seven Days” for owners of homes located in Pasco County Florida.

    While there are numerous real estate agents who will list a home and wait for someone else to buy it, Advanced makes it possible for the home owner to sell in seven days by buying the homes from them.

    And while there are “investors” who advertise they will “buy your home,” most of them really want to get an option to sell your home and hope for the best, said George Beardsley, President-Broker for Advanced.

    “If the investor can re-sell the house fast, they make money and the home owner gets his house sold, however if the investor fails to sell the house in the allotted time they move on and the home owner has to start all over again,’ he said.

    “What makes our new feature unique is the focus is on providing a service for people who need to sell a home fast and showing them a number of ways it can happen,” Beardsley said.

    “Our intention is to offer a one-stop service to educate the home owners to the many way they can sell a house fast and easy, possibly even for more money than the traditional ways they already know about,” he said.

    “I have never seen a seller walk out of a regular real estate closing commenting they got more money than expected,” he said. “The fees, taxes, costs of repair, and the other ‘little’ things you never think of eat away at the money you thought you would walk away with.”

“Several of our websites offer definitions of terms used in creative real estate transactions as are often used in commercial real estate and much less frequently in residential real estate,” he said. “We close every sale in the offices of board certified real estate attorney.”

    “For Pasco County we have the infrastructure in place to provide a quick title search, established relationship with a board certified attorney, and the personal knowledge from years of buying homes in the county to get things done quickly. And once we have clear title we can proceed to a closing within seven days,” he said.

    Advanced will include in the new service the purchase of houses where the mortgage balance exceeds the value of the house and homes not only “upside down,” but in foreclosure as well, he said.

    And the service is also available for non residents who own a home in Florida and want to sell it without necessarily coming to Florida, performing or paying for repairs, paying for an appraisal and then listing the home with a real estate agent and waiting for the right buyer to come along.

    “We can and buy houses by mail, fax and email,” Beardsley said. “Of course we are getting to the season where Northerners may want to come down for a look at the estate or vacation home pall they no longer want and spend a few days at the beach while they get the house ready to sell.”

    “Of course we can also provide a home buying service for them as well,” he said.
Advanced is a small boutique real estate brokerage firm specializing in buying houses fast and in the current market Advanced even has program for buying homes that are over financed, under water and even in some cases they will buy houses in foreclosure and over financed.

    “We buy houses, estate homes, for sale by owners, rentals fast and turn them into affordable housing,” Beardsley said. “We buy any price range and almost any condition,” he said.

    Recently Advanced has announced a number of innovative ways to rent and rent to own homes making affordable homes available to even more people.

    The “Lay Away Program” offered by Advanced lets a prospective home owner start a rent to own program with less than the normal amount of upfront money and make up the difference month by month.

         The innovative programs by Advanced come amid public outcry that many “people are not worthy of home ownership and that people reaching for the American dream caused the current recession and housing collapse.

    “The politicians who criticized the efforts to make more people homeowners have simply been swept up in election year rhetoric,” Beardsley said.

         “Of course there are people who, based on their own actions, do not deserve home ownership,” he said, “but home ownership is a staple of the American way and the path should be open to those who want and deserve it and our program gives people a way to show desire and determination.”

    “In addition the matching grants give a motivation to keep up the month-to-month effort to qualify and every good program should require performance and rewards for that performance,” he said. “We do not know if this will work or if it will even be attractive,” he said, “but it seems like the kind of idea someone should take a chance on and so far, that’s us.”

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