Canless Air offers Solution to Canned Air Pollution. Go Green-Save Green.

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02 Hurricane Canless Air cleaning system is a revolutionary alternative to dangerous and wasteful canned "air." It uses the air we breathe and is rechargeable. Use it over and over. A true and new way to go green and save green.

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Earth911: "Air Duster Ditches Cans,Chemicals."

Good Morning Arizona: "The 02 Hurricane is a safe, eco-friendly alternative to canned air."

A new and revolutionary product on the market offers a blast of fresh air for cleaning electronics and anywhere dust collects in the office or home. It’s called the O2 Hurricane, a cordless, rechargeable device safe for the workplace, the environment and the bottom line.

“It just uses the air we breathe,” said company CEO John Scherer. “The O2 Hurricane compresses the air and blasts it at over 200 mph onto the surface or object being dusted. Unlike so-called canned ‘air,’ no harmful chemicals are used. Canned ‘air’ needs warning labels,” says Scherer. “The 02 Hurricane doesn’t and that’s the true difference.”

According to industry reports, over 30 million units of canned “air” are produced every year. “I wonder how many of the cans end up in our landfills?,” asks Scherer. “People think that those cans might be empty after their very short use-cycle. There are still residual dangerous liquids and gasses left in those cans. Federal, State and Local regulations mandate they have to be properly recycled. So in addition to the wasteful cost of one-use canned air, you have the additional cost of proper hazardous waste disposal.”

Businesses and government agencies are realizing what an incredible impact canned “air” has both on the environment and their bottom line. “Millions and millions of dollars are being spent on canned ‘air” and if it’s a government agency, those are our tax dollars being wasted.” Scherer says.

Just one charge of the 02 Hurricane is equal to several units of canned “air.” “You can charge the 02 Hurricane 500 times. The math is easy. It’s a great way impress your CFO and the Earth," says Scherer.

Receiving Rave Reviews!
Here’s what’s being said about the 02 Hurricane:

  •     Al Lewis of Dow Jones Newswire- “The O2 Hurricane is a Blast.”
  •     Good Morning Arizona-“The O2 Hurricane is a safe, eco-friendly alternative to canned air.”
  •     Earth911-“Air Duster Ditches Cans, Chemicals”
  •     Gizmodo-“Canless Cleaner Blasts Away Crap at 200 Miles Per Hour”

The O2 Hurricane is assembled in the United States. Each system comes with a 110-volt wall charger. It can reach the tightest and smallest of corners to safely clean dust and debris.

“Do yourself a favor,” says Scherer. “The next time IT comes into your office to clean your computer with a canned product, ask to read the label. Then tell them about the 02 Hurricane.”

As Al Lewis concludes in his review, “It’s green, it cuts costs and it’s made in America.”

CONTACT: Brian Olson, Conversation Starters Public Relations    

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