Poll Reveals Youngers Generations Exhibiting Poor Sleep Hygiene

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A recent poll by revealed that younger folks are far more likely to sleep with their cellphones than older individuals. This practice of poor sleep hygiene could be leading to poor rest for many.

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Sleep disorders affect millions of Americans nationwide, oftentimes without their knowledge. In order to raise awareness of the potentially life threatening effects of sleep disorders, has created an extensive library of sleep related information. Individuals suffering from sleep disorder symptoms can interact with the network of sleep doctors to learn more about the particular condition affecting them. In order to keep up to date with the issues affecting sleep disorder sufferers, recently polled site users to gauge their sleep hygiene.

The individuals were asked, “Do you regularly sleep with your cellphone next to you?” The results highlighted the difference in sleep hygiene between younger and older generations. A gradual progression can be seen through various age groups with older individuals being less prone to sleeping with their phones. The study reflected that 75% of individuals aged 18-29 were shown to sleep with the cellphone beside them. When moving on to the 30-49 age group, the number of individuals exhibiting this poor sleep hygiene practice decreased notably, with only 54% sleeping by their cellphone. Finally, individuals aged 50 and older exhibited only a 35% incidence rate of sleeping next to a cellphone.

Sleeping next to one’s cellphone is detrimental to receiving a proper night’s sleep, primarily due to the light it emits. The use of a luminous device, such as a cellphone, for 2 hours prior to bedtime has been shown to suppress melatonin by up to 60 percent. Melatonin is a hormone naturally secreted by the body that helps induce sleep. The trend of younger individuals sleeping with their phones doesn’t seem to bode well for the future of sleep health. An increasingly technologically intertwined world seems to be leading to poorer sleep hygiene, as evidenced by the poll. Interestingly, males seemed to be more likely to sleep with a cellphone, as 50% of male respondents admitted to doing so, compared to 42% of females. Best sleep hygiene practice is to unplug approximately an hour before bed time and keep the phone away from the bedroom.

If you see no discernible difference in the quality of your sleep after improving your sleep hygiene, it may be possible that a sleep disorder is to blame. allows you to find a sleep doctor located in your area, giving you the option to schedule a consultation. Additionally, features a Question and Answer system wherein users can interact with a nationwide network of sleep doctors. Whether a question about proper sleep hygiene or a disorder related query, likely has the information needed.

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