It’s About Time Publishes Award-Winning 'Interactive Mathematics Program'

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-- Pioneering Educational Publisher Continues to Strengthen Focus on National Science Foundation Funded Middle- and High School STEM Curricula --

IAT’s solutions meet both the “Common Core” and the soon-to-be-published “Next Generation Science Standards.” And no wonder: The same thought leaders who wrote those standards created the IAT curricula.

It’s About Time (IAT), the pioneering educational publisher that specializes in creating research-based STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) curriculum solutions for middle school and high school, has announced the publication of the "Interactive Mathematics Program®, 2nd Edition," a U.S. Department of Education Award Winner.

With the support of the National Science Foundation (NSF), "Interactive Mathematics Program" is a comprehensive, full four-year high school program for all students that offers an integrated, problem-based curriculum. It replaces the traditional Algebra I-Geometry-Algebra II/Trigonometry-Precalculus sequence and is designed to exemplify the curriculum reform called for in the Curriculum and Evaluation Standards of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). The curriculum is organized around concepts and skills where mathematics still remains the core, but it is connected to other content areas in which students might also be interested.

“We wanted It’s About Time to publish the second edition of 'Interactive Mathematics Program' because we believe and support what they are doing to offer students a new way of learning based on how students really learn,” said Sherry Fraser, one of the authors of the "Interactive Mathematics Program." “It’s About Time shares our vision of how to prepare America’s students for an increasingly global, highly competitive, knowledge-work marketplace in the 21st century.”

Many of the It’s About Time programs are funded by the NSF, and all of its programs follow the guidelines of the National Science Education Standards and the NCTM. "Interactive Mathematics Program" also applies the Common Core State Standards’ Standards for Mathematical Practice.

“We are truly delighted to add the 'Interactive Mathematics Program' to our family of research-based math and science programs that have delivered solid, positive results for all students," said Laurie Kreindler, Co-Founder and President of IAT. “We believe that students learn math and science the way that practicing scientists and mathematicians do -- they learn when something grabs their attention and when the content is relevant to their lives.

“They learn when we allow them, in fact, encourage them, to talk to one another and question each others’ results,” she added. “They learn when we permit them to get their hands on the subject matter. In short, when we allow students to use all of their senses, they make sense of math and science.”

Inside the "Interactive Mathematics Program"
The "Interactive Mathematics Program" is a growing collaboration of mathematicians, teacher-educators and teachers that have been working together since 1989 on both curriculum development and professional development for teachers. The curriculum has been thoroughly field-tested and enthusiastically received by thousands of classroom teachers around the country.

The curriculum integrates traditional material with additional topics recommended by the NCTM Standards, such as statistics, probability, curve fitting and matrix algebra. Each unit is generally structured around a complex central problem. Although each unit has a specific mathematical focus, other topics are brought in as needed to solve the central problem, rather than narrowly restricting the mathematical content. Ideas that are developed in one unit are usually revisited and deepened in one or more later units.

The authors of the "Interactive Mathematics Program" include Dan Fendel, Ph.D., and Diane Resek, Ph.D., both Emeritus Professors of Mathematics at San Francisco State University, and Lynne Alper and Sherry Fraser, who also have degrees in mathematics and extensive classroom teaching experience. They bring their many years of practical experience in teaching secondary mathematics and in planning, organizing and developing mathematics workshops for K–12 teachers as well as a long-time focus on increasing the participation of minority and female students in secondary mathematics. This interest continues to be consistent with the goal of the Interactive Mathematics Program of providing better access to higher quality mathematics education for all students.

An Empowering STEM Experience for Teachers and Students
While the vast majority of U.S. schools are using traditional, memorization-based curricula, the 15 IAT middle school and high school curricula focus on providing a rich and empowering STEM experience for teachers and students. Some of the larger districts of the hundreds from around the country that have implemented the IAT curricula include: New York City, NY; San Diego Public Schools, CA; Los Angeles Unified School District, CA; Seattle, WA; Beaverton, OR; Denver Public Schools, CO; Clark County (Las Vegas, NV); Chicago Public Schools, IL; San Antonio, TX; Orange County (Orlando, FL); Duval County (Jacksonville, FL); Charlotte-Mecklenburg, NC; and Louisville, KY.

IAT “Active Learning curricula” have been funded by the NSF and the Department of Education and have therefore been developed by the foremost leaders in STEM education in the country. They have all been associated with increased student achievements and are well-aligned with the cognitive research findings on how people best learn. In addition, they all have been put through several years of research-based, iterative development and exemplify the NSF’s goals and objectives to improve science, technology, engineering and mathematics for all students.

Many corporations and foundations, such as Chevron, GE, Martin Marietta and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that are dedicated to college and workforce readiness, have supported school districts in their implementation of IAT curricula.

About It’s About Time
It's About Time (IAT) is a pioneering educational publisher and consulting firm. Founded in 1996, IAT specializes in creating research-based STEM curriculum solutions for middle school and high school, and partners with school districts to help educators adopt and implement them. Modeled on the way that practicing scientists and mathematicians conduct research, these solutions -- which include text books, classroom kits, electronically delivered media, hardware devices and professional development -- give educators tools to create a joyful learning environment as well as increase standardized test scores, deepen student engagement, and teach the 21st century skills of collaboration and independent problem solving.

With funding from the NSF, IAT’s solutions have empowered thousands of teachers and more than 6 million students. This year, an estimated 14,000 teachers and 1.4 million students will be using IAT curricula. With consultants and authors that are among today’s most prominent educational pioneers, IAT’s solutions meet both the “Common Core” and the soon-to-be-published “Next Generation Science Standards.” And no wonder: The same thought leaders who wrote those standards created the IAT curricula. To learn more, please visit

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