Bay Area Expedition, River and Adventure Cruise Company, CruiseOne Mill Valley, Offers Tips on Choosing Staterooms Aboard

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CruiseOne Mill Valley, Bay Area travel agency, is helping customers make the right room choice for cruises by sharing a few tips.

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Extremely popular nowadays are balcony staterooms, whose adherents tout being able to sit on their balconies and watch the world go by.

The holiday season is fast approaching and many are planning on taking their vacation on a cruise liner. To make the most out of the experience, CruiseOne Mill Valley, a travel agency that specializes in cruise discounts and vacations, would like to share some tips on choosing a stateroom that suits the costumer’s preferences.

“The first consideration in choosing a stateroom is the obvious: inside, ocean view, balcony or suite,” Steve Faber of CruiseOne Mill Valley said. “That is usually the first question we ask our clients. Inside is usually the most affordable choice but may be bothersome to claustrophobes. I personally find it disorienting not to know what the weather is outside. You put on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, and walk out on deck into a raging rainstorm!” Faber continues: “Extremely popular nowadays are balcony staterooms, whose adherents tout being able to sit on their balconies and watch the world go by. But just as much of a plus is the fact that, instead of a permanently closed window, you have a sliding glass door that, in temperate climes, can be opened to allow fresh air to ventilate the cabin, instead of breathing the ship’s air-conditioned atmosphere.”

Other tips include:

1) Look for the “offbeat bargains.” One example is to investigate ocean view cabins designated “obstructed view.” This sounds like a waste of money as they are usually priced slightly higher than inside cabins, but many aren’t as bad as they sound. In most cases, the obstructions are lifeboats hanging in front of the windows, but while some of those cabins are completely blocked by the flank of a lifeboat, others are only partially blocked. In fact, it is often possible to find an obstructed view cabin whose window is squarely between the bow of one lifeboat and the stern of the one ahead of it, meaning that the obstruction will be slight at worst. These cabins are snapped up early on, so the early bird, etc., etc., etc.

2) If the motion of the ocean is a concern, pick a stateroom as close to the middle of the ship forward and aft as possible. Also, light sleepers should stay away from the very front or rear of the ship to avoid the early morning noise and vibration of maneuvering thrusters and anchoring. Elevator lobbies and stairwells are also good to avoid for the same reason.

3) Pricier is not always better. On many large modern ships, standard cabins--be they inside, ocean view or balcony--are often nearly identical, with the only factor affecting price being the deck, with the higher decks commanding the higher prices. This is a holdover from the two- and three-class ships of the transatlantic era, where first class cabins were positioned higher on the ship and tourist or steerage cabins lower, sometimes even below waterline. In fact, the best place to be on a ship for passengers that don’t like to feel a rolling motion is as low as possible. Also, the highest passenger accommodation deck on many ships is just below the Lido (or pool) Deck, which means you may have the sound of feet dancing on your ceiling or that of dishes crashing in the Lido Buffet galley. Choosing a cabin sandwiched between two passenger accommodation decks is a smart move.

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About the company:
Traveling the world as a travel writer to report on cruises, Steve Faber has been blessed with the opportunity to sail on 98 cruises on 71 ships of 31 cruise lines. As an independent CruiseOne cruise specialist, Faber capitalizes on combining his knowledge of ships and destinations with the powerful marketing clout and superlative client service of CruiseOne, the world’s largest seller of cruise vacations. Faber serves the Bay Area. Contact him to discuss cruise itineraries, cruise discounts, adventure travel, river cruises and more.

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