Probiotics Work Hard to Improve the Health of Diabetics

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November is American Diabetes Month, a time to review new information about treatment and prevention. Probiotic supplements such as Vidazorb® Chewable Probiotics, hold great promise for those who suffer from the symptoms of diabetes.

In the United States, 25.8 million adults have diabetes and another 79 million Americans have prediabetes.(1) Diabetes is a group of diseases marked by high blood glucose levels resulting when the body isn’t able to produce and/or use a proper amount of insulin. After eating, the digestive system breaks down carbohydrates into glucose. As the glucose passes through the pancreas—where insulin is created—insulin hormones move a certain amount of glucose out of the bloodstream and into cells so the body can use the glucose as energy. Those with diabetes are not able to transfer an appropriate amount of glucose into energy to get them through the day.

Symptoms of the various types of diabetes can include frequent urination, persistent thirst, insatiable hunger, unusual weight loss, constant fatigue and irritability. Diabetics often suffer from stubborn infections, blurred vision or cuts and bruises that are slow to heal. Diabetics often feel a tingling in the hands and feet and can suffer from recurring skin, gum or bladder infections. In many cases of people with type 2 diabetes, they may not feel any symptoms at the onset of the disease.

“Currently, there is no cure for diabetes, but there are ways in which we can control it,” explains Registered Dietitian, Mary Hartley. “Fundamentally, self-care is the first line of defense against diabetes and prediabetes. Healthy living, including attention to diet, exercise, personal hygiene, and consumption of probiotics, can usually restore and help maintain optimal health.”
Treatment of all types of diabetes should begin by consulting one’s family physician and creating a plan to monitor and treat the disease, which often includes a healthy meal plan, scheduled physical activity, daily blood glucose testing and medication. Diabetes is an autoimmune disease and while there is no known cure for the disease, adding a daily probiotic supplement to your physician-prescribed medical regimen, can help enhance a person’s immune system. Probiotic formulations like Vidazorb® work to complement the body’s immune system and can even relieve some of the painful symptoms associated with diabetes.

Probiotics are live microorganisms which, when consumed in adequate amounts, provide a health benefit to the host. Everyone naturally has hundreds of trillions of microorganisms in his or her intestines and probiotics, affectionately known as “good bugs,” help maintain a healthy balance of bacteria and obstruct proliferation of harmful bacteria. Of additional help to those with diabetes, regularly taking probiotics should cut back on inflammation caused by certain infections.

When choosing a probiotic, it is important to find one that has a high number of bacteria colony forming units (CFUs) and uses strains that have been clinical tested. Vidazorb® carries up to 10 billion CFUs per tablet, delivering a therapeutic dose of beneficial microorganisms with each use. Also, many over-the-counter probiotics use only one bacteria strain, in insufficient amounts to make an impact. The best products combine two to five key, researched bacteria strains that work together to best provide health benefits. It’s important for diabetics to consult their nutritionist and physician before adding a supplement to their diet, but I recommend Vidazorb® to my patients because the chewable, non-refrigerated tablets are convenient and the strains used, including Chr. Hansen’s LA5® L. acidophilus and BB12® Bifidobacterium, are some of the most effective I’ve seen.

About Vidazorb®
Vidazorb® represents the development of superior shelf-stable, chewable probiotic formulations to provide essential support for core health needs. Research and development, together with a commitment to quality and efficacy, defines Vidazorb® as a brand of integrity and excellence. For more information, visit For engaging, kid-friendly probiotic information, visit To learn more about the importance of, and science supporting, probiotics, visit Vidazorb® can be purchased online at and

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