New Technology Aims to Replace Prerolls

A new technology by Jolted Media Group Ltd. aims to replace traditional prerolls and invideo advertisements. At the same time it does not disturb the video experience and allows a high impact advertisement for advertisers.

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Example of the Technology Demonstration - Transformers

Transformers Mockup

A better user experience, a higher impact advertisement, why shouldn't this replace the annoying thirty second preroll?

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) November 14, 2012

In September 2012, Jokaroo Entertainment Inc., the parent company of Jolted Media Group Ltd. was issued a patent by the United States Patent office for an advertising technology that will potentially replace the traditional preroll (a video commercial that plays before each video). The patent issued is called "Method and device for temporally displaying advertising content on a webpage".

The concept of this patent allows users to watch their video without their video experience being disturbed or hindered by any advertisement. Instead, the patent provides a full page engaging advertisement, around the video player. The patent is not limited to just video content, but all types of content; text, video, games, etc.

Over the three and half year patenting process, Jolted Media Group has been actively testing the technology with numerous advertising agencies with incredible success. Some of the notable clients that have used the technology include but are not limited to: Universal Studios, Warner Bros, Taco Bell, Wireless Wave, Alliance Films, and Sears. Performance and engagement with the technology boasts a 200-400% increase over traditional preroll advertising.

“This technology really fills the gap on two sides. First, we create a better user experience by getting rid of prerolls and invideo advertisements. Second, we provide advertisers with a high impact and high engaging advertisement” says Chris Pavlovski, current CEO of JMG. "A better user experience, a higher impact advertisement, why shouldn't this replace the annoying thirty second preroll?"

Jokaroo Entertainment Inc, along with its subsidiary Jolted Media Group Ltd are a leading content distribution company with video channels across different verticals; comedy, mma sports, women's lifestyle, gaming, etc. The companies video channels and web properties reach over 10 million people globally, with particular foothold in the Canadian marketplace.

The Video Advertising Technology is currently being used on You can view the full press release here.


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