New disaster survival kit contains all the necessary supplies, equipment and instructions to enable a family to successfully survive if catastrophe strikes this country.

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The new website offers a disaster survival kit and free information about home survival. This unique package provides emergency food, power supplies and a survival manual and it could easily be described as the ultimate life insurance policy.

"it could easily be described as the ultimate life insurance policy"

The disaster that will turn people’s lives upside down may not be the traditional apocalyptic end of the world scenario someone might expect. A return to the Stone Age is unlikely but the harrowing consequences of a major crisis will highlight how tenuous our modern civilization really is. Very few people in the U.K. are truly prepared for the worst.

Society is totally reliant on coordinated high tech infrastructures for all our basic needs. The arrival of an unforeseen and terrifying disaster will cause temporary hardship and plunge millions into a survival situation. If the lights go out, life as everyone knows it would quickly grind to a halt. Any emergency response offered by the authorities will lag behind events.

A survival strategy for the city dweller may include the unique Protect and Survive 2012 Kit. This is a comprehensive survival package which enables a family to be self sufficient in an emergency situation for two weeks or more. Many dismiss the concept of society collapsing after a disaster but unfortunately these pundits have a poor collective track record.

Brian Crockett, owner of website, said “Imagine a cyber attack that disabled the supply of our utilities or flu pandemic that devastated the work force or a sudden economic crisis combined with a catastrophic weather event. We wouldn’t be able to cope in this country, families would be at risk.”

Forget the meteor strike, devastating earthquake or nuclear war, because the next crisis event could be a combination of lesser phenomena. Last years nuclear disaster in Japan was a combination of a natural event and a technology breakdown. This is thought to be the world’s first mega disaster.

Brian also added, “As recent events in the U.S.A. have shown, disasters don’t discriminate between rich and poor just between those who are prepared or not. Many doubt a disaster will ever strike here but it only has to happen once to change our lives forever. I urge the people of the U.K. to prepare today for tomorrow’s disaster, the warning signs are everywhere.”

The company Protect and Survive UK is a new organization trading on an age old concept of self sufficiency. The owner Brian Crockett lives in North Oxfordshire and the company aim is to educate about and supply home survival packages in advance of a disaster. The home survival industry is in its infancy here at the moment, with only a handful of other trading organizations selling mostly emergency food supplies.

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