Power4Patriots Offers Four Ways to Thwart ID Thieves

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Identify theft has become a huge industry in recent years. According to the Federal Trade Commission, more than 9 million Americans have their identities stolen annually. Power4Patriots has designed a four-pronged attack to keep one’s identity safe from thieves.

Because thieves can do a lot of damage with a mother’s maiden name, making a family tree public is not a good idea.

People who live in caves don’t have a whole lot to worry about when it comes to keeping their identities secure. But just about everyone else wants to be visible – to friends and maybe customers and clients – while still protecting their privacy. This has become increasingly challenging in the Internet age.

There are some simple ways, however, for people to protect themselves against identity thieves, who according to the Federal Trade Commission make off with nearly $50 billion a year. Power4Patriots provides four of those ways below:

  •     Shred everything: Identity thieves have learned to piece together small bits of junk mail and other information that may seem inconsequential to the average person but which, when added up, sometimes result in being able to pull credit on individuals. The more information that people shred, the less likely that they will be ID theft victims.
  •     Monitor credit: The suggestion here is to pull one’s credit report at least quarterly and note any changes that seem unusual. Anything that seems inaccurate or suspicious should be disputed immediately. Services that can help with this task include Identity Guard and Lifelock.
  •     Create a verbal bank password: In addition to creating this password, people should insist that their bank asks for it before any withdraws, wire transfers or checking orders are executed, as well as when any personal information is given out. Otherwise, thieves can call a bank, pretend that they are an account holder and gain information.
  •     Keep information out of the public eye: It is strongly recommended to take one’s name off the mailbox and turn on all of one’s Facebook and Google privacy settings. Because thieves can do a lot of damage with a mother’s maiden name, making a family tree public is not a good idea. Being included in a Who’s Who list might seem impressive, but those lists are farmed by ID thieves for names.

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